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 »  Home  »  Music  »  Frano Zivkovic Croatian guitar prodigy invited at the age of 8 by Tommy Emmanuel to play with him
 »  Home  »  Entertainment  »  Frano Zivkovic Croatian guitar prodigy invited at the age of 8 by Tommy Emmanuel to play with him
 »  Home  »  Education  »  Frano Zivkovic Croatian guitar prodigy invited at the age of 8 by Tommy Emmanuel to play with him
Frano Zivkovic Croatian guitar prodigy invited at the age of 8 by Tommy Emmanuel to play with him
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  09/13/2015 | Music , Entertainment , Education | Unrated
Frano Zivkovic had his first public appearance at the age of 5

Frano (7) plays Drume Negrita (Cancion de Cuna) in the town of Opatija on Croatian coast.
7 yr old Frano Zivkovic plays clasic cuban lullabye "Drume Negrita" (also known as "Cancion de Cuna")... This composition is composed by the brothers Ernesto and Eliseo Grenet in the 1920s and popularized by Bola de Nieve.

Frano Živković, born in 2005 in the city of Rijeka, Croatia, is an authentic guitar prodigy. He is playing very nontrivial pieces from classical music, but he also adores modern modern fingerstyle guitar play, and his special inspirationa is Tommy Emmanuel, the greatest contemporary fingerstyle player of the world. Tommy had several concerts in Croatia, and during his appearance in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb in 2013, Tommy Emmanual invited Frano, then at the age of 8, to be his special guest  in the program, where they played together some well known pieces composed by Tommy Emmanuel.

Tommy Emmanuel & Frano - Halfway Home & Windy & Warm
8 yr old Frano playing with Tommy Emmanuel as his special guest during the concert of Kings of Strings (Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg and Vlatko Stefanovski), 29.4.2013 in Zagreb/Croatia, in big concert hall of Vatroslav Lisinski.

Frano (9) - Cowboy's Dream, with Lana dancing.
9 yr old Frano Zivkovic plays "Cowboy's Dream" live at his standalone charity concert in Croatian library hall Trsat, Rijeka, Croatia, 31.5.2014. Accompanied by his dear friend Lana, wonderful 9yr old who also made a choreography :) Lana is a member of a dance group Chikaz Kids, junior champions in Zumba :)

Frano Zivkovic A.K.A. Frano is nine year old award-winning musician who started showing his musical talent since he was only two years old and plays instruments since he was three. As a multi-instrumentalist he plays violin and piano, but his greatest love is a guitar.
At age of five Frano held his first standalone classical guitar concert at the Music Academy Zagreb. Frano won several international competitions in the music theory and classical guitar. By now he performed nearly hundred times at various events,concerts, festivals, TV and radio stations, participated in charity projects.

At age of eight he finished music elementary school with excellent success and honors, performed Vivaldi's chamber concerto in D-major RV93 as probably youngest in the world, and performed with his greatest hero - mr. Tommy Emmanuel, CGP - in biggest national concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski and in Brucknerhaus, Linz.


Tommy Emmanuel & Frano - The Finger Lakes
A part of Tommy Emmanuel and Frano Zivkovic (9 yr old) live performance at Brucknerhaus Concert Hall in Linz, Austria, 15.3.2014. This is the second time Frano had such a huge honor to play with his greatest hero.

Frano (6) plays The Entertainter

9 yr old Frano Zivkovic plays Claude Bolling's "Borsalino", based on arrangements of greatest fingerstyle guitarists Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel.

Frano Živković at the age of 5 (five!), playing Ferdinando Carulli's Allegretto in C.


Frano (10 years) - Just an Old Fashioned Love Song.
Part of the 10yr old musician Frano show at Tower Center Rijeka, Croatia 22.2.2015.
Just an Old Fashion Love Song is written by Paul Williams and arranged by Tommy Emmanuel

Frano - Angelina
10yr old Frano Zivkovic plays Angelina.
Tommy Emmanuel wrote this song for his second daughter and it's coloring our days with beautiful melody and harmonics. Hope you will enjoy it too!

Frano (9) - The Mystery 9 yr old Frano Zivkovic plays "The Mystery" in memory of Hermina, wonderful person and mom of his dear friend. Hermina lost her fight with cancer and entered the great Mystery.

Frano's Rag
10 yr old Frano Zivkovic plays "Frano's Rag", original composition written by his grandpa Zarko Zivkovic. Hope you enjoy it! :)

J.S. Bach Gavotte - 6 yr old Frano Zivkovic

Frano Zivkovic - Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in D-major RV93, 3rd mvt., Allegro
8yr old Frano Zivkovic, from his standalone concert at music school "Ivan Matetic Ronjgov", Rijeka, Croatia, 30. January 2013. Accompanied by his classical guitar teacher Domagoj Paukovic.

Halfway Home | Frano Živković & Tommy Emmanuel
Backstage in Zagreb, Croatia, 8 year old Frano Živković plays one of Tommy's compositions during a meet and greet.
Tommy then invited Frano to play that night on stage and the audience absolutely loved him! The young man is a big fan of Tommy and had been coming to his shows from a young(er!) age, and it's been a pleasure to watch Frano's progress and dedication.

Frano Živković playing in the town of Opatija on Croatian coast.

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