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Ivana Marija Vidovic the first Croatian to join the Jury of the "Giulio Rospigliosi" competition in Italy
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko ®ubrinić | Published  04/11/2023 | Music , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Dubrovnik pianist and poetess Ivana Marija Vidović in the Jury alongside her distinguished colleagues

Ivana Marija Vidović (Dubrovnik) with professors Pietro de Maria (Mozarteum in Salzburg) and
Stefano Fiuzzi (Imola and Florence).
Members of the international jury

Ivana Marija Vidović the first Croatian to join the jury of the prestigious competition "Giulio Rospigliosi" in Tuscany, Italy

Seventeen-year-old pianist of Armenian-Russian origin with a Venetian address, Maya Oganyan, is the winner of the 28th prestigious international competition "Giulio Rospigliosi" in Tuscany, which is named after one of the members of that aristocratic family. Rospigliosi was one of the best librettists of his time, but he was also a Pope, albeit for a short period of only nine years, under the name Clement IX.

Ivana Marija Vidović with the winner of the competition - Maya Oganyan

During his pontificate, he commissioned the design of the Rospigliosi family's villa in the fairy-tale town of Lamporecchio, the birthplace of the great Leonardo da Vinci. He entrusted the design of the villa to the famous and great Italian painter, sculptor and builder Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the decorative frescoes to the great painter Ludovico Gimignano. The famous musical competition takes place in that fascinating and enchanted villa, which for several weeks every year becomes a real "kingdom of music". For the finale, Oganyan chose the 3rd Beethoven's piano concerto, where, as a star, she shone the farthest and most decisively. With boldness and wonderful sensibility, she asserted herself as the winner of the great trio of finalists.

The second prize went to the slightly older Ukrainian pianist Danylo Sayenko, who performed Liszt's 2nd concerto for piano and orchestra in A major with the Orchestra of the City of Grosseto under the baton of the Mexican conductor Gabriela Diaz Alatriste. The third prize went to the sublime and very determined interpretation of Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto called "Emperor" by the young Spanish pianist Marin Raya Carlos.

Encounter with Leonardo da Vinci in Lamporecchio, his birthplace

Among the distinguished members of the jury from the world of classical music, for the first time in the history of the competition, this year was someone from Croatia. Dubrovnik pianist and poetess Ivana Marija Vidović was alongside her distinguished colleagues Pietro de Maria (professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg), Italian eminent professor Stefano Fiuzzi (a long-term visiting professor at the Royal NCM in Manchester and professor and head of the famous Piano Academy in Imola and Florence) both of them presidents of the jury. The jury was also joined by the Mexican conductor Gabriela Diaz Alatriste, who conducted the concert of the three finalists at the Teatro Comunale of Lamporecchio, the Hungarian pianist Istvan Szekely, the Italian pianist Adriana Silva, and the Austrian pianist, organist and conductor and head of the piano department at the institute "Friedrich Gulda" in Vienna, prof. Robert Lehrbaumer.

Ivana Marija Vidović with Mexican conductor Gabriela Diaz Alatriste

The competition is two-fold and in addition to the winners of the Premio Schumann award, it also awarded the Premio Rospigliosi in the junior category. This award went to Ukrainian pianist Katerina Yerhiieva from Odessa and Italian pianist Jacopo Sette.

Ivana Marija Vidović and Gabriela Diaz Alatriste with the laureates of the 28th Competition Rospigliosi Premio Schumann:
Maya Oganyan (on the left, of Armenian-Russian origin, 1st prize), Danylo Saienko (in the middle, Ukraine, 2nd prize), and Marin Raya Carlos (Spain, on the right, 3rd prize).

Members of the jury with winners of the Junior Comptition.

Ivana Marija Vidović with Austrian pianist and organist professor Robert Lehrbaumer from Vienna.

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