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Croatian Language
Croatian Language
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» Branko Fucic 1920-1999, representative collection of conference papers published about his life and work
 Sixty three conference papers from the International Scholarly Seminar on the Life and Work of Academician Branko Fučić (1920-1999) have been published in 2011 in voluminous, representative monograph comprising 844 pp. Branko Fučić was distinguished expert in Croatian Glagolitic Script, in the history of Croatian church art, in particular for the area of Istria, dr. honoris causa in theology, and recipient of Herder's prize in Vienna. The monogr
» Branka Kandic-Splavski and her Croatian fairy tales as medicine - Bajka kao lijek
Submitted By Vladimir Mihajlović | Published 06/29/2011 | Bilingual , Croatian Language , People , Education , Community , Charity | Unrated
Branka Kandić-Splavski is a specialist in family medicine and in her soul, a fairy tales writer. In 2004 after her first book ANDREA'S SHELL had been published her personal and professional life took a new direction: one of her patients was dying of brain cancer. She was no longer able to move, or speak, she was laying motionless and communicated only with her eyes. In the process of catching the public ear and eye, informing and educ
» Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" watched by theatre lovers in India
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 06/22/2011 | Croatian Language , Humor And Wisdom , Entertainment , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
‘All About Women' was a wonderful journey in to the lives of women. The play has been written by Croatian author and playwright Miro Gavran. It starred Mumbai-based theatre artists Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Prerna Chawla, Nimrat Kaur, Tahira Nath, Malaika Shenoy and Shivani Tanksale. It was made up of five interwoven stories of the dreams, aspirations and the unexpressed desires of women. A few minutes into the play, the stage, the lig
» KAFKA'S FRIEND and FORGOTTEN SON by Miro Gavran go digital on Amazon
Submitted By Ratimir Mocnaj | Published 06/12/2011 | Croatian Language , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
The most frequently translated contemporary Croatian writer, Miro Gavran, has published his novels Kafka's Friend and Forgotten Son in their English translation by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak as e-books on AMAZON, making them accessible with the Kindle electronic reader. Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, and his books have come out in 150 different editions at home and abroad. His dramas and comedies have had
» Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov author of Croatian language manual for Russian readers
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 04/28/2011 | Bilingual , Croatian Language , Education | Unrated
 Dr. Artur R. Bagasarov, distinguished expert in Croatian language, working at the University of Moscow, published a manual for the study of basics of Croatian language for the Russian readers. The book has 256 pp, and was published in 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
» Blessed Easter to Mr. Gotovina, Mr. Markac, Mr. Praljak, Mr. Kordic and their families
 Happy and blessed Easter to Mr. Ante Gotovina, Mr. Mladen Markac, Mr. Slobodan Praljak, Mr. Darijo Kordić, and their families from Nenad Bach, Darko Žubrinić, CROWN Team and from the readers of the CROWN. Happy and blessed Easter to all the people of good will.
» Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov promoter of Croatian culture and language in Russia
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 01/31/2011 | Croatian Language , Education , Culture And Arts , Awards | Unrated
Dr. Artur Rafaelovič Bagdasarov is a distinguished Russian linguist of Armenian origin, very active in promoting Croatian culture, in particular the Croatian language, in the Russian Federation. He is the author of numerous books, dictionaries and articles dealing with Croatian literary language. For his efforts he has been awarded with the 2010 INA Award in Zagreb.
» Lidija Bajuk Croatian singer, songwriter and poet
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 12/29/2010 | Music , Croatian Language , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Lidija Bajuk, distinguished musician of the Croatian ethno music scene, reveals us traditional folk songs from various parts of Croatia, especially from her native Međimurje. She writes music for film and theatre. She has also published several collections of poems and fairy tales, and has initiated The Virtual Museum of Traditional Međimurje Music.
» Croatian language and name during centuries
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 12/9/2010 | Croatian Language , History , Education | Unrated
Croatian language and name can be effectively followed at least since the 11th century. We provide a selection of relevant documents where the Croatian national name had been written in its traditional way: Hrvat (as we call it today), Horvat, and their various derivatives. Outstanding monuments include The Baska Tablet from circa 1100, The Vinodol Code 1288, Istrian Boundaries 1275 and many other. On the left Hrvatskoj in Cro Glagoli

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