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Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov promoter of Croatian culture and language in Russia
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  01/31/2011 | Croatian Language , Education , Culture And Arts , Awards | Unrated
Recipient of the 2010 INA awarad in Zagreb for international promotion of Croatian culture

Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov, Moscow, distinguished expert in Croatian language and lexicography.

Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov is recipient of the 2010 INA Award in Zagreb for contributions the to international promotion of Croatian culture.
Behind him on the left is professor Leopold Auburger from Germany, another recipient of the INA Award.
We plan to report also about Dr. Auburger for the readers of the CROWN.


Prof.dr. Artur Rafaelovič Bagdasarov is an Armenian, born in Decmeber 2, 1958 in Baku (Azerbaijan). He completed his studies of Slavistics at the Faculty of Philology of the State University in Sankt Petersburg in Russia. Currently he lectures Croatian langague and socilinguistics at several faculties in Moscow. His area of research is in different areas of contemporary standard Croatian language (lexocology, lexicography, and norm). He has ublished more that 60 scientific and professional papers.

Croatian Literary Language and Its Norm (in Croatian)

Professor Artur R. Bagdasarov is the first to have published books in Russia about Croatian literary language. He the author of "Croatian-Russian Dictionary", "A Small School Manual of Differences", "Croatian Spoken Language", "Croatian Dictionary", "Croatian Literary Language" of the Second Halfo of the 20th Century". In 2010 he published "The Croatian Literary Language and Its Norm" in Croatia (in the city of Rijeka), which represents the crown of his Croatological studies. In the focus of his investigations is the basic principle that each nation has the right on itw own national name for its language.

Croatian Literary Language of the Second Half of the 20th Century (in Russian)

His scientific efforts have recently been directed towards the creation of the Croatin-Russian dictionary, for which he unhesitantly claims "Let everybody have his own twosided dictionary."
It is nice to see that some of his books have become standard manuals for students at Croatian universities.

Dr. Bagdasarov is the author of numerous articles dealing with various aspects of Croatian language, published in Croatian scholarly journals, as well as newspapers.

Croatian - Russian Dictionary (published in Russia)

Croatian - Russian Dictionary (published in Russia)

A New Croatian - Russian Dictionary (published in Russia)

Croatian Spoken Language (published in Russia)

Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov, professor at the Moscow University,
an expert for Croatian language.

A. R. Bagdasarov: New Croatian - Russian Dictionary,
exhibited at the National and University Library in Zagreb

A. R. Bagdasarov: Croatian Language, basic course,
published in 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Artur R. Bagdasarov: Elementary Grammar of Croatian Language, Moscow 2012 (in the Russian)
96 pp, softcover, 3000 copies, published by Astrel', VKT
ISBN 978-5-271-38635-0, 978-5-226-04771-8; 2012

Artur R. Bagdasarov: Croatian - Russian Dictionary, Moscow, 2013, containing 35,000 lexemes on nearly 600 pp.
Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov, Moscow, is distinguished expert in Croatian language and lexicography.

Artur Bagdasarov published Croatian-Russian Dictionary containing 35,000 lexemes on close to 600 pp.

A special attention has been payed to the phraseology. Many notion from the Croatian history, culture, faith, tradition, and their way of life have been described. The dictionary will be useful to a broad audience. It can be recommended to translators, philologists, professors, students, and all those who use it in professional level. Dr. Bagdasarov is a frequent guest in free Croatian media, author of numerous articles and books, and a recipient of the INA Awarad for international promotion of Croatian culture. We congratulate Dr. Bagadasarov on this superb work. Professor Artur R. Bagdasarov is living in Moscow, and is of Armenian origin.

Hrvatsko-ruski rječnik, Moskva, 2013., 596. str.

Rječnik sadržava oko 35 000 riječi i sveza riječi hrvatskoga jezika.

U rječniku je predočen rječnjak (leksik) suvremenoga hrvatskoga jezika, uključeni su najrašireniji nazivi različitih znanstvenih područja, a također i dijalektni, zastarjeli, razgovorni, žargonski rječnjak. Osobita pozornost je posvećena frazeologiji – zainteresirani porabnik (korisnik) naći će u rječniku najporabivije frazeme i njihove istovrijednice ili njihovo tumačenje na ruskom jeziku. U ruskom dijelu rječnika uz pojedine riječi navode se objasnidbe  koje sadrže podatke iz povijesti, kulture, vjere, tradicije i načina života Hrvata pa i drugih naroda.
U dodatku rječnika naveden je kratak popis zemljopisnih imena, najčešćih kratica, kratka slovnica hrvatskoga jezika, tablica sprezanja pojedinih glagola te rječopisnih (leksikografskih) izvora.
Rječnik je namijenjen širokomu krugu porabnika – prevoditeljima, filolozima, profesorima, studenatima slavistike, ali i osobama  koje zanima hrvatski jezik ili ga rabe u svojoj profesionalnoj djelatnosti.

Artur Bagdasarov, Moskva

Books, monographs and dictionaries related to Croatian language, written by Dr. Artur R. Bagdasarov, Moscow.

Artur R. Bagdasarov: Pogleda iz Rusije (A View from Russia), Maveda, Rijeka 2014.

The title page of the book Armenia - Homeland of St. Blaise, published in 2015 by the Matrix Croatica society
in the town of Ston near Dubrovnik, in Croatian language.

Professors Leopold Auburger and Artur Bagdasarov are recepients of
the INA Award for international promotion of Croatian culture.

Dr. Artur Bagdasarov with Stjepan Babić in front of the palace
of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb

Armenska poslovice (Armenina proverbs) published in Croatian,
 edited by Artur R Bagdasarov

I express my deep gratitude to professor A. R. Bagdasarov for his kind help during the preparation of this article. D.Ž.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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