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Japanese inspired art with a twist from Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/4/2008 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Artist fuses Japanese and Croatian styles
Japanese inspired art with a twist from Croatia
01-04-2008 10:03

A Zagreb-based artist is reinventing the art of Japanese Manga cartoons. Nikolina Ivezic, is winning fans all over Croatia with a fusion of the Japanese art form and images that are distinctly Croatian.

The traditional Japanese Manga cartoon is getting a makeover, The artist, 37 year old Nikolina Ivezic, is a classically trained painter.

A Zagreb-based artist is reinventing the art of Japanese Manga cartoons.

In the past few years her Japanese inspired pop-art paintings have attracted the attention of art lovers in her native country.

Ivezic says her work merges Japanese style drawings with Croatian identities.

Nikolina Ivezic said she wanted to merge the "un-mergeable" Japanese drawings and Croatian traditional names.

Nikolina Ivezic, painter, said, "I wanted to merge the 'un-mergeable' Japanese drawings and Croatian traditional names."

A small gallery in Zagreb has been taken over by Ivezic's paintings. Ivazic calls them 'Cro-Mangas'. The youthful beauties, looking very much like they have stepped from the pages of comic books, are given traditional Croatian names.

Ana Schaub, a local gallery manager, says those who buy Ivezic's paintings come from all walks of life.

Ana Schaub said, "Most of the customers have unusual stories. A gentleman bought a picture for his mother-in-law, another for his secretary. There's always something happening around Nina's paintings."

The "Cro-Mangas" series is a bit of a novelty for Ivezic. Her paintings usually are characterized by figures without faces. She's known for challenging the commercialization of religion and the negative effects of mass-media.

One avid fan and collector of Ivezic's painting is Predrag Vojnovic. He's bought more than twenty of her pieces.

Predrag Vojnovic, collector, said, "My favorite is the latest painting, a portrait of the comic book hero Zagor. I've waited for a very long time to buy it, and it makes me really happy."

The best place to catch a glimpse of Ivezic's work is in the popular Zagreb club, "Tvornica". Here the artist decorated three big booths with some of her more striking works, inspired by famous artists and well known cartoons.

Despite her growing popularity, Ivezic says she's unable to part with her favourite paintings. She keeps them for herself.

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