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Nenad Bach Band in Zagreb at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on Friday 30 November 2012 20pm
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  11/26/2012 | Music , Croatian spirituality , Human Rights , Poetry , Entertainment , Education , Culture And Arts , Charity | Unrated
Through his singing and songwriting, Nenad’s goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace

Nenad Bach in Zagreb at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, on 30th November 2012, 20 pm. Photo by Ratko Mavar, Zagreb.

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming concert of Nenad Bach and the Nenad Bach Band in Croatia's capital Zagreb, on Friday 30th November 2012, 20 pm. His special guests will be distinguished Croatian musicians Arsen Dedić, Klapa Sinj, Radojka Šverko, Miroslav Škoro, and Marko Tolja. It is for the first time that Nenad Bach has a soloist concert in his native city of Zagreb, after about thirty years of very successful career in the USA and worldwide. Through his singing and songwriting, Nenad’s goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

Nenad Bach in Chicago. Photo by Zoran Orlić, Chicago.

Nenad Bach Band: Al Orlo, Nenad Bach, Joe DeSanctis, Michael O'Keefe, and Richard_Lindsey


Koncertna dvorana V. Lisinskog, Velika dvorana, petak 30.11.2012. u 20:00 h

Nenad Bach Band

Nenad Bach: vokal, klavir, akustična gitara
Joe DeSanctis: klavijature, prateći vokal, melodika
Richard Lindsey: bas, prateći vokal
Michael O’Keefe: bubnjevi, prateći vokal
Al Orlo: električna gitara

Uz Nenad Bach Band nastupaju još i:

Arsen Dedić
Klapa Sinj
Miroslav Škoro
Radojka Šverko
Marko Tolja

Nenad Bach in Woodstock 1994

Pavarotti and Friends in Modena Italy, 2005, humanitarian concert for the children of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Late Luciano Pavarotti on the far right, Nenad Bach fourth from the right.

Nenad Bach
Lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar

A native of Croatia, a naturalized New Yorker and a citizen of the world, Nenad Bach is a recording artist, composer, and performer who has recorded for Sony, Universal, Decca, Polygram, and many other labels. Two of his albums reached No. 1 in Europe, and to date he has sold over one million records. In addition, he has performed all over the world with a wide range of artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Bono and The Edge (U2), Brian Eno, Indigo Girls, Richie Havens, Garth Hudson and Rick Danko (The Band), Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead), and many more. He performed at Woodstock 1994, and in 1998 he made a compilation album with Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, and Allen Ginsberg.

Nenad has released two American albums under his own name: Greatest Hits and A Thousand Years of Peace. His new album, which has long been awaited by his many fans from all over the world, is currently in the recording stage and will be released in 2012, preceded by a “live in the studio” EP entitled All I Want Is Freedom. Several of the songs on the album will feature the sounds of his homeland by incorporating Croatian klapa music (a unique and beautiful style of a cappella singing).

Nenad Bach in Zagreb

In addition to his own records, Nenad has scored many features and short films, including King of Cool (a biopic about Steve McQueen) and the Mladen Juran film Transatlantic, which was the Croatian entry for Best Foreign Film at the 1999 Academy Awards. He is also a record producer; his most recent work includes the recording of four SACDs of klapa music, which were the basis of one of the highest-rated shows on the long-running NPR radio program “Millennium of Music.”

Nenad’s work and his life story have been featured on all the major US television networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), on CNN, on Sky Channel, and on TV channels in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and many other countries. He was interviewed by Ed Bradley for the CBS News magazine “Street Stories,” in a segment that was seen by 20 million viewers. Press coverage has been similarly widespread, ranging from The New York Times to Billboard, from the Washington Post to Corriere Della Sera, and from the Boston Globe to the New York Daily News. Currently, Home Team Productions is making a feature documentary about Nenad’s life.

Through his singing and songwriting, Nenad’s goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

Joe DeSanctis
Keyboards, vocals, melodica, accordion, glockenspiel

A piano performance graduate of Catholic University of America, Joe DeSanctis has a pure passion for making music in all its forms. His experience and interests run the gamut from composing scores to conducting church choirs or mixed instrumentalists to playing keyboards professionally to arranging and writing songs. Joe has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years.

Joe has written extensively for television and film, and his work has been heard nationally on NBC’s Dateline and ABC’s Good Morning America, as well as regionally in New York and Chicago. He is the corecipient of the 2002 CINE Eagle Award for “ABC News Good Morning America: On The USS Enterprise” as cocomposer and arranger. In addition, Joe composed the score for Italian Lessons, an independent film that was the Westchester Film Festival winner for Best Narrative Short in 1997. In 1993, he won the Microfono D’Oro Song award for “Passione Di Musica” as cocomposer and arranger. Joe has also composed children’s musicals, an off-Broadway musical (Once More With Feeling), and liturgical music.

In the midst of his other activities, Joe still finds time to work on personal fun projects, include recording for Kathy Troccoli (Reunion Records) and acting as vocalist, keyboard programmer, and recording engineer for several other New York area bands. An avid supporter of other artists, Joe also hosts a monthly group aimed at helping local songwriters remain true to their heartfelt voice in their creative output.

Richard Lindsey
Bass, vocals

Originally from southern California, Richard Lindsey has made his home in New York since the 1980s. He began his musical career studying guitar with David Amaro (Airto, Flora Purim), then spent five years studying classical guitar with the late Seiko Sesoko. At first purely a guitarist, Richard started playing bass guitar at the age of 16, immediately fell in love with that instrument, and ever since has maintained an equal affection for guitar and bass. On occasion, he has been known to play the ukulele as well.

After a stint in the Pacific Northwest, where he played with Seattle jazz stalwart Michael Powers, Richard moved to New York, where he studied with jazz bassist Ron McClure and played with a wide range of local ensembles, including the world beat group Bangaroo and jazz drummer Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. During the 1990s, Richard was a member of the “indefinably funky” (Wall Street Journal) Celtic roots-rock-R&B group Kips Bay, with whom he toured the United States and Europe and recorded two albums for Green Linnet Records.

Richard has played on a number of film and television projects and was featured on the films The Fort Fisher Hermit and A Touch Of Fate (scored by Kinny Landrum). A friend and collaborator of Nenad Bach’s since the latter’s arrival in the US, Richard played on both of Nenad’s previous American albums and coproduced the debut, Greatest Hits. Currently, he also plays, records, and coproduces for the American history-based ensemble American Stories Through Song and the eclectic bicoastal virtual pop group Car Radio Dog.

Michael O’Keefe
Drums, vocals

Michael O’Keefe began drumming at the age of 7. A New Yorker to his core, he was a fixture in the NYC punk/no wave scene, drumming for punk outfit The Latest as a teen and sharing the stages of CBGB and Max’s Kansas City with such notables as DNA and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Always seeking new challenges, Michael began experimenting with programming and synthesis and started the new wave band Dress For Success, for which he provided vocals, synth, and percussion. It was during this period that Michael met Paragon Artists labelmate Nenad Bach, an encounter that led to his contributing cover art for Nenad’s first American release, the single “Woman in the Bay.” As a partner in Soundscapes, Michael created scores, jingles, and sound marks for many products and merchants, including Macy’s, Home Box Office, and Cinemax, and he scored industrial videos for a number of clients, including the Technical Careers Institute in New York. He also provided the musical score for the feature-length cult classic Woodchipper Massacre, which was rereleased in 2007.

These days, Michael’s focus is back on drumming. He has provided backing, both live and in the studio, for a variety of singers and songwriters, including Jeffrey Braun, Robert Lund, and Dusty (featuring former Banshees of Blue members Debra Berg and Sherryl Marshall and Steely Dan vocalist Lesley Miller). He performs regularly with Lostdog In Loveland, who recorded the song “Mother of Pearl” for the recently released Roxy Music tribute record Take Refuge in Pleasure. That track also featured renowned pianist Mike Garson (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins). A trained graphic designer, Michael still finds time to create cover art for fellow musicians.

Al Orlo

A pro’s pro, Al Orlo began playing guitar at 13 and by 16 was already playing professional club gigs. Since then, Al has lent his talents to an astonishingly wide range of musical settings, from rock to R&B to funk to jazz to blues to country to prog to Broadway. In the process, he has played with a who’s who of musical heavyweights, including Will Lee, Dave Weckl, Cornelius Bumpus, Oscar Cartaya, T-Bone Wolk, Steve Khan, Pete Levin, Rodney Holmes, and many others.

In the 1980s, Al toured and recorded with the Guy and Pipp Gillette Band and the progressive art/rock band Artificial Intelligence. Subsequently, he worked with new urban jazz keyboardist Bob Baldwin as coleader of the Bob Baldwin/Al Orlo Project. Soon afterward, Al began serving as coleader, writer, and producer for The SOS All Stars, who released two albums on the Chase Music Group label: New York Rendezvous and Greetings From New York. He then spent a decade leading his own group, the Al Orlo Band, which played original guitar-oriented instrumental music and featured many top New York jazz/fusion musicians.

Since 1990, Al has been the guitarist for the legendary Ben E. King (“Stand By Me,” “This Magic Moment”), playing at venues ranging from intimate clubs to 15,000+ listener outdoor concerts. Since 1996, he has been Mr. King’s musical director. Al has also found time to play on more than 1,000 performances of Broadway musicals, including Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Aďda, Hairspray, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, and Legally Blonde. In addition, he has played on numerous films and television shows, including the theme songs for Politically Incorrect (ABC), A Current Affair (FOX), The 20th Century (A&E), Good Housekeeping (Lifetime), and Kids These Days (Lifetime).


Nenad Bach: lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Joe DeSanctis: keyboards, backing vocal, melodica, accordion, glockenspiel
Richard Lindsey: bass, backing vocal
Michael O’Keefe: drums, backing vocal
Al Orlo: guitar

and parts [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Pavarott and Friends in Modena 1995. Nenad Bach third from the right, and Pavarotti sixth from the right.

Nenad Bach je skladatelj, pjesnik, producent, pjevač te mirovni i socijalni aktivist, ali iznad svega rock & roll glazbenik. U potrazi za slobodom izražavanja i životnim izazovima odlazi, 1984. g., iz Rijeke za New York. Komunikativan i samozatajan, svestran i specifičan nalazi zajednički nazivnik s mnogim talentima diljem svijeta, od poznatih glazbenika s Bonom i Pavarottijem do svjetskih lidera kao predsjednik Clinton ili Princeza Diana.

Za vrijeme domovinskog rata i poraća zdušno i nemilosrdno lobira za svoju domovinu Hrvatsku kroz javne govore, TV pojavljivana na svim kontinentima, putem web stranice te kreiranjem pjesme Can We Go Higher?, u prijevodu Možemo li se uzvisiti?, s legendarnim američkim glazbenim i glumačkim zvijezdama poput Martin Sheena, Ellen Burstyn, Richie Havensa, Garth Hudsona, Rick Danka, Indigo Girls i mnogim drugim. Pjesmu i poruku mira čulo je preko 500.000.000 ljudi. Sa istom pjesmom nastupa na Wodstocku 1994. i dobrotvornom koncertu Pavarotti and Friends u Italiji.

Gospodin Bach se ponosi s tim da je rock glazbenik, jer je po njemu to najdemokratičnija glazbena forma koja ne gleda u rasu, religiju ili boju kože, već prihvaća sve koji imaju sličan senzibilitet.

Evo što je napisala Stephanie Silber nakon preslušavanja CD-a All I Want Is Freedom, u prijevodu Sve što želim je sloboda: ŤTo je snažna injekcija rocka prožeta srcem i dušom, prepuna provokativnih tekstova koji prizivaju duh šezdesetih godina te bez straha pitaju i traže odgovore, u uzbudljivom pozivu na akciju, elektrificira, galvanizira, a istodobno očarava.ť

A što Vera Fabris nakon koncerta u Brooklynu u veljači 2012.: ŤHank Saloon u Boerum Hill, Brooklynu, susjedstvu vlastitog uma, s relativno malim, ali moćnim draguljem koji skriva u njemu. Nenad Bach i njegov band su se savršeno uklopiti, prilagodili okolišu, a njihova glazba promicala je mistiku na jednom nedvojbeno osnažujućem načinu. Ne može se izbjeći, a da se čovjek ne pita – Da li publika zna da je pjesmu 'Vukovar', o hrvatskom gradu koji je postao simbol besmislenog uništavanja, doveo u Brooklyn gospodin Bach i njegov band u obliku Feniksa, koji se uzdiže iz pepela, samo kako bi se uklopili... činilo se kao da je ritam Vukovara, kao i drugih pjesama, postajao sve brži i brži, a njegova tekstura ojačala. Atmosfera je sve više podizala raspoloženje i optimizam, kakve su i ostale pjesme bile. Emocija je, u isto vrijeme, paradoksalno bila teška i lagana, uvijek znakovita, pozitivna i elegantna. U takvom okruženju, što je gotovo postalo kompatibilno, u svojoj veličini, s bezvremenskom crno bijelom fotografijom John Wayne-a koja je visjela na zidu. Nenad Bach i njegov band je osvojio Hank's Saloon s takvom sigurnošću koja dolazi samo u nekim odabranim vremenima.ť

Nakon gotovo 30 godina provedenih u svijetu, u potrazi za slobodom, obišavši globus uzduž i poprijeko, Nenad po prvi put dolazi u Hrvatsku sa svojom grupom Nenad Bach Band. Vrijeme je da ne samo Brooklyn već i Zagreb i Hrvatska čuje pjesmu Vukovar te dozna iz prve ruke zašto je svijet zaintrigiran čovjekom sa šeširom ravnog oboda i zašto voli i cijeni ovog hrvatsko američkog umjetnika.



Music and verses by Nenad Bach


A thousand candles in the air
One by one
A body count each time I raise
My eyes to the sun

No rain of understanding falls
To fill the well
Centuries and days have gone
With the ringing of a bell

Here we are ...
Here we are ...

Can we go higher?
(Love instead of borders) (In our dreams!)
(We can smile at the future)
Higher ?
In our dreams ?
(To believe!)
(Love instead of borders,
smile at the future now)

Teci Savo, Dravo teci
nit ti Dunav silu gubi
sinje more svijetu reci
da svoj narod Hrvat ljubi

A troop of angels, left and right
Watch and wait
Will it happen round the world tonight
A simple twist of faith.

Let us talk as people do
Woman and man
Let us shout out "Peace" again
In every, every, every, every land...

Here we are...
Here we are...

Can we go higher?
(In our dreams)
(to believe)
(Love instead of borders)
(We can smile at the future)
In our dreams?
(Instead of borders,
smile at the future now)

Can We Go Higher? and other songs

We Will Win (Wild World Web) [MP3]

In front of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb

Croatia's capital Zagreb awaiting Nenad Bach

Nenad Bach: Shmooky the opossum eats apples

Interview of Nenad Bach for Renata Novoselec at in 2012, 60 min.

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