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Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 59: Winter 2024
By Marko Puljić | Published  03/9/2024 | Education | Unrated
Part 1

March 3, 2024

Dear All,

After more than 2.5 years or 30 months I am finally putting the 59th newsletter together with my dear friend and editor Marko Puljic. Unfortunately I lost my domain nenadbach(dot)com due to my negligence so that the address that you have been receiving this newsletter will be different and I hope that your mailbox will not reject it immediately.

In any case, so many memories and desires have happened in the meantime, I think that the best thing is to just continue and see where it leads us to.

Just a few links will tell you a story,


There will be no lack of ambition. In 2024, I will release my 7th and 8th album. Music from the movies played by symphony orchestra, and Forgotten Songs, album with the songs that I either recorded but never released or never recorded at all but remembered them. Let's see if I really accomplish that.

My YouTube channel reached 1000 subscribers and over 1 million views click here

You can see the award winning documentary film by Victor Zimet "Everything is Forever" on my YouTube channel.

PingPongParkinson YouTube channel is now operational, check it out

My main preoccupation after having Parkinson for 14 years is a global movement PingPongParkinson that I started on March 1, 2017.

Check my daughter Ana's first recorded song "Diamond in the Rough"

and more

Peace on Earth,


Two major tournaments are listed below:

9-12 May 2024 PingPongParkinson German Open
14-19 October 2024 PingPongParkinson World Championship Laško Slovenia

ESPN Outside the Lines Nenad Bach & PingPongParkinson

2023 PingPongParkinson World Championship, Wels, Austria

Ping Pong um esporte importante no auxi­lio para recuperarlo de quem tem Parkinson

Ping-pong serves up therapy for mind and body among people with Parkinson's disease

PingPongParkinson World Championship 2022 Pula, Croatia

PingPongParkinson World Championship | Pula, Croatia Oct 12-16, 2022

PingPongParkinson World Championship 2022 PULA, Croatia 5 days summar

Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong

Ping Pong Parkinson (Facebook Meta) 5.7 million views in the first week!

Ping Pong in VR

Bringing back their smiles | TV Maribor 15.3.2023

Ping Pong Parkinson launches Madison chapter

Unusual treatment for Parkinson's Disease opens in Philadelphia

People With Parkinson's Finding Relief Through Ping-Pong

Musician Nenad Bach is transforming the lives of people with Parkinson’s through ping pong

Ping Pong Parkinson: Nenad Bach's story

PingPongParkinson Training Session

We Call It Ping Pong Parkinson

PingPongParkinson: It Started With A Tremor And It's Shaking Up The World

Why Parkinson's Disease Should Be Recognized By the International Paralympic Committee

World Peace in One Hour

Ana Bach - Diamond in the Rough - Video I Will Follow You Hi-rez - Video Everything Is Forever Hi-rez

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