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Nenad Bach in Japan at 5th World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto 2019
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  07/20/2019 | Science , Education | Unrated
Nenad in Hiroshima, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo, accompanied with Hayato Iso and Yoko Nishii

Musician Nenad Bach, born in Croatia, was diagnosed Parkinson's disease and currently uses table tennis as a way to reduce symptoms.

Nenad's main reason of traveling around the world is promoting
2019 ITTF Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championships

Hiroshima Dome.
Nenad prayed for world peace with his performance
which started at 11:11 on 9th June at ground zero
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome.

Chugoku Newspaper in Hiroshima. Hot off the press. 700.000 copies. June 17, 2019. Source
Before opening 5th World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto, Japan

Nenad Bach playing piano in the city of Split, Croatia

Nenad with Bob Fuhrer, his ping-pong partner

Nenad with Katsumi Asaba, Tokyo, distinguished Japanese designer
(author of Butterfly logo equipment for ping-pong tables)

Discussion in Japanese and English, with a very interesting participation of Nenad Bach.

Nenad Bach with his brand new Japanese guitar.
Yoko Nishii and Nenad Bach, Nagoya, Japan,
in front of six-meter high mannequin Nana-chan.

Nenad Bach has participated at the 5th World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto on June 2019. He reported about his experiences with Ping Pong Parkinson: Testimonial, the diagnosis and activity that prolonged my life. He promoted his ideas of World Peace In One Hour, also in Hiroshima, Nagoya and Tokyo. During his stay in Japan, he met his numerous colleagues and frineds, including Yoko Nishii (pianist) and Hayato Iso (environmental architect). Both Yoko Nishii and Hayato Iso left visible traces in the cultural life of Croatia.

During the conference in Kyoto, a ping-pong tounrament was organized, in which Nenad Bach won the first place among participants with Parkinson syndorom (and overall the second place). Thus, at the Parkinson conference, Nenad Bach, recognizable with his funny black hat, became known as Mr Ping Pong.

Nenad's sojourn in Japan has been organized by Yoshiki Nagasoku, photographer, who was his guide.

Nenad major vision is acting on the following global program, containing suitable subprogrammes:

World Peace In One Hour

  • music - World Orchestra with all instruments of the world represented, with the theme from "If I Had Another Life"
  • sports - every airport in the world should have at least one ping-pong table, with the border inscription "World Peace In One Hour" and "Ping-Pong Parkinson"
  • gastronomy - Grain of Salt - already started in June 2019 in the city of Split, Croatia
  • fashion - glasses with inscription "World Peace In One Hour", etc.
Gastronomy part was organized in June 2019, in the city of Split, Croatia, in the Zrno Soli (Grain of Salt) Restaurant, with two menus:

  • World Peace In One Hour (5 courses)
  • Ping-Pong Parkinson (4 courses)

For both menus, Nenad thinks to be "out of this world".
The list of activities is expected to be expanded in the future.

Hayato Iso and Nenad Bach in front of Nana-chan. Her costume is changed every month.

Primary School Vežica in Rijeka, Croatia - Japanese garden "Pokret naprijed i mir" (Movement Progress and Peace).
The first school in Europe with Japanese garaden, created by Hayato Iso, Japanese enviromental architect

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