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Croatian Cuisine
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» Croatia's gold medal winning wines
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/17/2009 | Tourism , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
Croatia's discovery continues, with wine experts now realising what locals, and those in the know, have  been aware of for many years. The recent Decanter World Wine Awards gave eight gold medals to Croatian wines, whilst Argentina could only muster, seven and Chile four.
» World`s Longest Sausage Made In Vinkovci Croatia
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/15/2009 | Trivia , Humor And Wisdom , Events , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
On Saturday February 14, 2009 Croatians in Vinkovci cooked up what they claim to be the world's largest sausage, measuring 530 metres or 1,738 feet. Organisers said the sausage was the world's largest and could feed as many as 3,000 people, but adding it was merely "training" for next year when they plan to produce a sausage measuring 1,000 metres. For Valentine. No comments.
» Martin Kotarski Croatian pupil winner of prestigious humanitarian award in Japan
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 12/20/2008 | People , Ideas , Education , Croatian Cuisine , Charity | Unrated
We are proud to report in more detail about prestigious Japanese humanitarian award conferred by the Goi Peace Foundation to Martin Kotarski, a very young Croatian student. Martin is on the photo with Natalija Jurišić, his prof. The report has been prepared on the bases of material submitted upon our request by Martin himself, exclusively for the readers of the CROWN.
» Zlata Bartl Croatian inventor of Vegeta died
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 12/14/2008 | Science , People , In Memoriam , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
Zlata Bartl (1920-2008) is known as inventor of Vegeta, an original, natural, and universal condiment of unique taste. Vegeta was created in 1958 in Podravka company in the town of Koprivnica, Croatia, and is used in over 40 countries. It is one of the most popular of European condiments.
» Croatian pupil Martin Kotarski and Bill Gates awarded in Japan
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 11/13/2008 | People , Ideas , Education , Croatian Cuisine , Charity | Unrated
  Martin Kotarski, 14 years old Croatian pupil, and Bill Gates (both on the photo), are recipients of a recognition from the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan. Martin received Children's Category 1st Prize for his essay Joined by a Cookbook. He prepared a cookbook with traditional Croatian meals in order to get money for poor people of his school.
» The World's Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan
Submitted By Marko Mijat | Published 01/22/2008 | People , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
The George Mateljan Foundation for the World's Healthiest Foods was established by George Mateljan to discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of healthy eating, and to provide the personalized support individuals need to make eating The World's Healthiest Foods enjoyable, easy, quick and affordable.
» Rare Croatian wine and the Internet
Submitted By Martin Cvjetković | Published 01/4/2008 | Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
Dianna Dapkins thought the Internet would be the perfect place to find a rare Croatian wine that her local merchants in rural Shelburne, Mass., don't stock. Sure enough, K&L Wine Merchants, an Internet retailer that also has stores in Hollywood and San Francisco, sells the Plenkovic Zlatan Plavac Barrique for $34.99.
» Looking for a recipe
Submitted By Laura Florence | Published 12/18/2007 | Croatian Cuisine , Questions | Unrated
    I was wondering if you knew of a Croatian recipe for prosciutto and noodles?
» CROATIAN FOOD FESTIVAL A Diversity of Flavours from Croatia at the UN
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/3/2007 | Events , Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
  Croatia has it alL.. Come and enjoy a diversity of flavours from Croatia - a unique fusion of Mediterranean and Central-European cuisine. Taste award-winning olive oil, great seafood, tender meat dishes, unique Štrukli and Paštlcada, rich Croatian chocolate and much, much more.

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