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World`s Longest Sausage Made In Vinkovci Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 02/15/2009
On Saturday February 14, 2009 Croatians in Vinkovci cooked up what they claim to be the world's largest sausage, measuring 530 metres or 1,738 feet. Organisers said the sausage was the world's largest and could feed as many as 3,000 people, but adding it was merely "training" for next year when they plan to produce a sausage measuring 1,000 metres. For Valentine. No comments.

Come to Vinkovci, Slavonija Croatia. Maybe there are some leftovers.
As part of the `Come to Vinkovci` project,
the world`s longest sausage was made, measuring at 530 metres


VINKOVCI, CROATIA – The longest sausage in the world, measuring at 530 metres, was presented in the Eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci by the members of the `Slavonian Home Kulen-Kulin` association, as part of the `Come to Vinkovci` project. The sausage was fried in a vast 2.5-metre pan and was distributed to Vinkovci citizens once it was done. Other treats were available for the gathered crowd to enjoy, such as home wine and doughnuts.

Vinkovci citizens are planning to contact the Guinness book of records in order to break the current Romanian record, who prepared a nearly 400-metre long sausage.

You can see the giant sausage in the attached photo gallery: World`s Longest Sausage Made In Croatia (530m).

Another kind of Valentine

Croatian Isle of Love, Galesnjak.

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