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Carmen Verlichak: Los Croatas de la Argentina
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  02/24/2007 | People , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Carmen Verlichak: Croatians in Argentina
Los Croatas de la Argentina

Carmen Verlichak, Buenos Aires

A nice exhibition of photos prepared by Carmen Verlichak, a well known Argentinean writer, was opened recently in the building of Hrvatska matica iseljenika (Croatian Heritage Foundation) in Zagreb, describing the life and work of about 400,000 Croatians in Argentina. It will be opened until March 5th, and we invite you to pay a visit (Trg Stjepana Radica 3, Zagreb, just near the Lisinski Concert Hall), or to follow the links below. Here is one of the photos from the exhibition:

Croatian tamburitza orchestra Falcon - Hrvatski tamburaski orkestar Sokol,
Argentina, 1919 

Carmen's fifth book entitled Los Croatas de la Argentina, published last year in Buenos Aires by the Krivodol Press,  is planned to be translated into Croatian. By the way, Krivodol is a village near Imotski where her parents lived, and Krivodol Press is a publishing company in Buenos Aires directed by madame Verlichak.

The author of these lines is deeply indepted to Carmen Verlichak for a few pages in the book devoted to The King of Dolls, that is, Ljeposlav Perinic. I had a privilege to know him since 1999. I will never forget this tender giant born in the city of Split, who donated his very interesting collection of dolls, unique in the world, to his homeland.

We take the opportunity to congratulate Carmen for great love and painstaking work, without which it would not be possible to publish the book and prepare the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that Carmen Verlichak was a professor at the Universidad Catolica Argentina in Buenos Aires, teaching the Latin language, Literature espańola medieval, and etica periodistica (ethics of journalism).

We have to mention also the name of Mr Joza Vrljicak, Buenos Aires, her brother, who is editor in chief of the prestigous journal Studia Croatica. We know him for his enormous work with Internet edition of

already since the time of infancy of the WWW. This very important journal will be soon available again on the new address.  His perseverance and very efficient work on Internet was a great impetus for many of us, including Nenad Bach and myself.

Note that although Carmen and Joza are sister and brother, their second names are written in a slightly different way: Verlichak and Vrljicak respectively.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Zubrinic
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