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Croatian Heroes
Croatian heros in the course of history
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» Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 5
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 10/2/2008 | Croatian Heroes , People , History | Unrated
Part 5 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić is among others about Zdenko Horvat, Croatian defender (on the left), who destroyed 10 tanks and one armored vehicle and almost alone stopped a large enemy breakthrough in Vukovar across Bobota channel in 1991.
» Eduard & Dominik Galic Croatian film producers
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 10/1/2008 | Croatian Heroes , People | Unrated
Eduard Galić and his son Dominik (on the left) are very successful film producers. Especially important is their joint work on the Heroes of Vukovar series, which is just being shown by Croatian Television with great success. Dominik holds a Croatian national record in butterfly swimming.
» Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 4
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 09/25/2008 | Croatian Heroes , History | Unrated
Turbo platoon was sent on most delicate and dangerous tasks in Vukovar's defense. Blago Zadro formed the platoon and was their leader. The main characters are Miro Radmanović, Tomo Jakovljević and Nevenko Mauzer (on the left). Part  4 of the Heros of Vukovar TV serial, Turbo platoon - Friday 26.09.2008 20.10, on Croatian Television.
» Croatian Heroes: Dr. Juraj Njavro legendary surgeon at the Vukovar Hospital died
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 09/22/2008 | Croatian Heroes , Human Rights , People , In Memoriam , History | Unrated
 Dr. Juraj Njavro (1938-2008) was a legendary Croatian surgeon at the Vukovar Hospital in 1991, during one of the most dramatic events in the history of Croatia. He was known as exceptionally pleasant and tolerant person. He wrote a book about his internment after the Serbian occupation of the city of Vukovar.
» Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 3
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 09/15/2008 | Croatian Heroes , In Memoriam , History | Unrated
 Little groups of people had been organizing the defense, and soon volunteers have joined. Graduates, peasants and shoemakers became warriors. Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic proceeds with its third episode on Croatian Television: 3. Yellow Ants and Desert Rats -  Friday 19.09.2008 20.10. On the left Blago Zadro, a legendary Croatian defender.
» Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 2
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 09/12/2008 | Croatian Heroes , Human Rights , History | Unrated
Please, do not miss to see Episode 2 of the serial Heroes of Vukovar by Eduard and Dominik Galić on Croatian TV, Friday 12. 09. 2008. at 20.10.  On the photo on the left is Marko Babić, a legendary Croatian defender.
» Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic
Submitted By Dominik Galić, producer | Published 08/25/2008 | Human Rights , History , Education , Croatian Heroes | Unrated
What about heroic 1991 resistance in Vukovar, which made Croatian state possible? What about men who destroyed those tanks and created the myth about Vukovar. Where are they? What are their names? What were they doing before the war? Who are they after all? And maybe the most important - how did they defeat the enemy so much stronger? In ten episodes.
» Croatian Heroes: Pavo Urban defended Dubrovnik with his camera
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 08/6/2008 | People , In Memoriam , History , Croatian Heroes | Unrated
Pavo Urban was a young photographer. He lost his life in 1991 during Serbian and Montenegrin shelling and bombing of the city of Dubrovnik with his photo camera in hands. His last photos are taken literally a few seconds before his tragic death. His photos reveal subtle spirituality of a young soul. Great talent.
» Croatian Heroes: Dubrovnik defenders in 1991
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 08/5/2008 | Croatian Heroes , Human Rights , In Memoriam , History , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful mediaveal cities in the world. Its flag is unique by its inscritpion LIBERTAS, that is, Freedom. We want to remind the reader on the dramatic days in 1991 when the City was mercelesly bombed and shelled during the Serbian agression on Croatia. We also present the Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defendres.

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