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Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 5
By Dominik Galić, producer
Published on 10/2/2008

Part 5 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić is among others about Zdenko Horvat, Croatian defender (on the left), who destroyed 10 tanks and one armored vehicle and almost alone stopped a large enemy breakthrough in Vukovar across Bobota channel in 1991.

5. Budžak - Friday 03.10.2008 20.10 on Croatian TV

Enemy tank approaching Vukovar in 1991

Branko Čulić, Zdenko Horvat, Marko Babić, Zvonko Milas, Milan Žanko, 2006

Vukovar in 1991

5. Budžak - Friday 03.10.2008 20.10

Budžak is part of Borovo Naselje as well as an outpost to southwest.

Budžak is a key point in communication to Vinkovci, and this episode was named after that part of Borovo Naselje. Small group of people was defending this extremely important position until town was occupied. Prime hero on Budžak was Zdenko Horvat. Chetniks had been torturing and at the end killed his brother only 50 meters from his position. But he settled the score. He destroyed 10 tanks and one armored vehicle and almost alone stopped large chetnik breakthrough in Vukovar across Bobota channel. "Bulls" were also on Budžak. They had four cannons caliber 155 mm, one cannon was damaged, and 400 grenades. Only half of them had powder inside. Beside that, they only had mortars caliber 82 and 120 mm. Even today, enemy doesn't know how could so few grenades cause them so much damage. They'll find out in this episode. "Bulls" were led by Zvonko Milas. Beside Zdenko Horvat and Zvonko Milas, the main characters in this episode are Marko Cvitković, Milan Žanko and Branko Čulić.

Eduard Galić producer, Marko Cvitković, Milan Žanko

Marko Cvitković, Marko Babić, Zovnko Milas

Enemy tanks in Vukovar in 1991

Zdenko Hrovat, Ivo Kapular

Zvonko Milas, Branko Čulić

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