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Dr. Ante Cuvalo: Ph.D. dissertations dealing with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
By Dr. Ante Èuvalo | Published  10/14/2010 | Croatian Language , Croatians in B&H , Science , History , Education | Unrated
An incomplete list of dissertations in the world defended in the past several years

Dr. Ante Èuvalo, Croatian historian


An incomplete list of recent Ph. D. dissertations dealing with

Croatia(ns) and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Prepared by Ante Èuvalo




Adeli, Lisa M. From Jasenovac to Yugoslavism: Ethnic persecution in Croatia during WWII. University of Arizona, 2004.


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Bozic-Roberson, Agneza. The politicization of ethnicity as a prelude to ethnopolitical conflict: Croatia and Serbia in former Yugoslavia. Western Michigan University, 2001.


Bo¾iæ-Vrbanèiæ, Senka. Celebrating Forgetting: The Formation of Identity and Memories by Tarara in New Zealand. University of Auckland, 2004.


Cann, Sarah. The politics of ethnic identity in everyday life at the local level in Croatia. University of Edinburgh, 2006.


Caspersen, Nina Fallentin. Intra-ethnic competition and inter-ethnic conflict : Serb elites in Croatia and Bosnia, 1990-1995. University of London, 2006.


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Çela, Arijana. Estimating the economic impact of tourism: A comparative analysis of Albania, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece. University of Northern Iowa, 2007.


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Clewing, Konrad. Staatlichkeit und nationale Identitätsbildung: Dalmatien in Vormärz und Revolution. Universität München, 1997.


Dalbello, Marija. Croatian diaspora almanacs: A historical and cultural analysis. University of Toronto, 1999.


Dedaic, Mirjana N. Discursive construction of national identity in American, South African, and Croatian 1999 state of the nation addresses. Georgetown University, 2004.


Domic, Dino. The historically situated Croat: A critical ethnographic investigation of post-war consumer behaviour in relation to museum/heritage consumption as linked to individual identity re-construction in Croatia. University of Wolverhampton, 2004.


Dominikovic, Katarina Laura. Traditional agriculture and rural living in Croatia
compatible with the new common agricultural policy?
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007.


Donohue-Davutovic, Angela. Adolescents' attitudes to and experiences of growing up in post-conflict Croatia. University of Melbourne, 2008.


Dvarskas, Anthony. The role of water quality in beach visitation decisions in Croatia
implications for development of the tourism industry.
University of Maryland, College Park, 2007.


Elfers, Ann Marie. Education policy and practice in the new Croatian state: Responses from the private sector. University of Washington, 2000.


Ercegovac, Peter Anthony. Competing national ideologies, cyclical responses: The mobilisation of the Irish, Basque and Croat national movements to rebellion against the state. University of Sydney, 1999.


Faivre, Sanja. Formes de relief et tectonique dans la montagne de Velebit (Dinarides externes, Croatie). Université de Clermont-Ferrand II, 2000.


Feldman, Andrea. Imbro Ignjatijevic Tkalac and Liberalism in Croatia. Yale University, 2009.


Fisher, Sharon Lynne. From nationalist to Europeanist: Changing discourse in Slovakia and Croatia and its influence on national identity. University of London, 2003.


Gal, Diane G. Making meaning in a changing society: A study of teachers and democratic education in Croatia. Columbia University, 2001.


Gitman, Esther. Rescue and survival of Jews in the independent state of Croatia (NDH) 1941-1945. City University of New York, 2005.


Glicksman, Kristina. The Economy of the Roman province of Dalmatia. University of Oxford. 2009


Hofman, Nila Ginger. The Jewish community of Zagreb: Negotiating identity in the new eastern Europe. Purdue University, 2000.


Iskra, Annette. Nobody wins : Psychological effects of war and repatriation in Croatia. University of Chicago, 2007.


Jakelic, Slavica. Religion and collective identity: A comparative study of the Roman Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia. Boston University, 2004.


Johnson, Jill Ann. Teaching culture: Experience in a Croation diaspora. University of Washington, 2009.


Kayfes, John Anthony. Imagining the Balkans: Croatia and Greece in the political imagination of its political leadership during the interwar years. University of Minnesota, 2004


Kekez, Lovorka. ICCAT, NGOs and Bluefin tuna - Special focus on Croatia. Budapest, Central Europe Univ., 2007.


Kotar, Tamara. Political liberalization in post-communist states: a comparative analysis of church-state relations in Croatia and Slovenia. Carleton University, 2009.


Kusic, Sinisa. Privatisierung im Transformationsprozess: Das Beispiel der Republik Kroatien. Universität, Frankfurt (Main), 2000.


Layton, Katherine S. Education and development for refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina in Croatia: "Participation" in oppositional contexts. Florida State University , 2000.


Leaning, Marcus. Contributions to a sociology of the Internet: A case study of the use of the Internet in the Republic of Croatia in the 1990s. University of Luton, 2004.


Leutloff-Grandits, Carolin. Claiming ownership in post-war Croatia: The dynamics of property relations and ethnic conflict in the Knin region. Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg, 2005.


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Manzin, Gregoria. Torn identities: Istro-Dalmatian contemporary women's writing.

University of Melbourne, 2007.


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Matic, Igor. Digital divide in Istria. Ohio University, 2006.


Meharg, Sarah Jane. Identicide in Bosnia and Croatia: The destruction, reconstruction, and construction of landscapes of identity. Queen's University, 2003.


Memeti, Lendita. L'Etat candidat à l'Union européenne Translated Title: The State candidate to the European Uion. Eng. Université du droit et de la santé (Lille).; Université de soutenance, 2008.


Morrissey, Christof Nikolaus. National socialism and dissent among the ethnic Germans of Slovakia and Croatia, 1938-1945. University of Virginia, 2006.


Muhic, S. Establishing production in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina: External influences for companies approaching an appropriate engagement. Technical University of De nmark, 2002.


Munk, Ana. Pallid corpses in golden coffins: Relics, reliquaries, and the art of relic cults in the Adriatic Rim. University of Washington, 2003.


Neill, Debra Renee. Jasenovac and memory :Reconstructing identity in post-war Yugoslavia. Arizona State University, 2007.


Palmer, Peter. The Communists and the Roman Catholic Church in Yugoslavia, 1941-1946. University of Oxford, 2000.


Pavlakovic, Vjeran. Our Spaniards: Croatian communists, fascists, and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. University of Washington, 2005. University of California, Berkeley, 2005.


Peskin, Victor. Virtual trials: International war crimes tribunals and the politics of state cooperation in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. University of California, Berkeley, 2005.


Razsa, Maple John. Bastards of utopia: An ethnography of radical politics after Yugoslav socialism. Harvard University, 2007.


Reed, Laurel Elizabeth. Approaches to fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century painting in Dalmatia. University of California, San Diego, 2009


Rötting, Michael. Das verfassungsrechtliche Beitrittsverfahren zur Europäischen Union: und seine Auswirkungen am Beispiel der Gotovina-Affäre im kroatischen Beitrittsverfahren. Univ. Frankfurt am Main, 2008.


Segvic, Ivana. Government and the freedom of the press: An 11-year content analysis of three Croatian newspapers. University of Texas at Austin, 2003.


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Zivkovic, Sasa. Capital requirements and measuring market risk in EU new member states and Croatia in light of Basel Committee guidelines. Univ. of Ljubljana, 2007.


Znaor, Darko. Environmental and economic consequences of large-scale conversion to organic farming in Croatia. University of Essex, 2008.


Zühlke, Dietmar. Reforms and foreign direct investment possibilities and limits of public policy in attracting multinational corporations ; a multiple case study of Romania and Croatia. Hohenheim University, 2008.




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the cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Angola.
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