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PinPongParkinson photo-monograph by Warren Rosenberg with Nenad Bach, illustrated by Ignasi Blanch
By Darko ubrini | Published  11/28/2021 | Sports , Entertainment , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
It sarted with a tremor and it's shaking up the world

PingPongParkinson It started with tremor and it's shaking up the world
Monograph by Warren Rosenberg with Nenad Bach, illustrated by Ignasi Blanch

3rd ITTF Parkinson World Table Tennis Championship PingPongParkinson
World Cup Pula, CROATIA 2022
September 30 - October 3

3rd ITTF PWTTC 2022 | PingPongParkinson World Cup | Sept 30. to Oct 03. 2022

In Pula, Croatia

Our mission is to create a global sports movement that is inclusive and supportive of people with a Parkinson's diagnosis. We are the first and only world table tennis championship organizers dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of playing ping pong for the Parkinson's community.
We want to be recognized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). You can help us by making your support count.

Westchester Table Tennis Center
- 175 Tompkins -
Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570
Nenad Bach + 1 914.271.7771 -

We are PingPongParkinson, a 501 c3 non-profit organization located at the Westchester Table Tennis Center, 175 Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville, New York (approximately 35 miles north of New York City). We were established officially on the first of March 2017 with the goal of halting the progression of Parkinson's Disease by utilizing ping pong as a form of physical therapy. Our model is based on the concept of neuroplasticity - the brain's capacity to make new neurons and connections through challenging physical exercise. Although medication remains the focus in the treatment for Parkinson's, there is compelling evidence for the need for a regular exercise program in managing this disease.

The original idea behind this commitment to help Parkinson patients ("Pongers") attain an improved quality of life through exercise was inspired by Nenad Bach, a Croatian-American musician and rock star. Nenad had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and noticed that his motor symptoms and mood were improved by playing ping pong. This non-pharmacological approach to his treatment was encouraged by his neurologists who confirmed his improved status. Nenad subsequently recruited several volunteers from the club, including Will Shortz, the crossword editor of the New York Times and the owner of the Westchester Table Tennis Center, Dr. Art Dubow, who together with Nenad created the PPP program; plus Irene Silbert, a PR professional - all working together to establish the PPP group.

The group meets for about 90 minutes every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. The sessions begin with a warm-up consisting of physical exercises designed specifically for those with Parkinson's Disease. Juggling practice and instruction follows before commencing the table tennis. Each "Ponger" is teamed with a volunteer at the tables and play is finally concluded with a video to chronicle each individual's ping pong skills and progress.

Every three months there is scheduled a special informal dinner event, which can range from a tournament to having speakers give talks on topical subjects relating to PD. We have also established an annual tournament in which we hope to attract contestants from the US and internationally.

Our goal remains steadfast: To help anyone with Parkinson's Disease through ping pong (primarily) - and to have fun while doing it.

Just share the above video :) Thanks

Nenad Bach announcing PingPongParkinson Competition 2022 in Croatia

PingPongParkinson in Ancient times in the Arena of Pula, Istrian peninsula in Croatia

Arena in Pula, Croatia. Areal view to the place where Nenad Bach is playing ping-pong.

World Peace in One Hour | United Nations

PingPongParkinson: It Started With A Tremor And It's Shaking Up The World
by Warren Rosenberg, Nenad Bach, Michael O'Keefe (Compiler)

This wonderful photo-monograph is dedicated to every person who has Parkinson desease. It describes how playing table tennis can help each such person.

Due to Nenad Bach, the PingPongParkinson has become a world-wide movement, as shown on the pages of the book. There are currently more than hundred chapters in numerous countries throughout the world.

Zoran Primorac, Olympian and Ping Pong Parkinson advisor:
I'm honoured and intrigued to be part of this progressive idea that has the potential of helping millions of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
An edition of this book is planned to be published in India, as well as its translation into Hindhu language. One of the sponsors of PingPongParkinson, supplying it with tennis tables, is STAG coming from India.

Two artists at creative work: Nenad playing piano, and Ignasi drawing

...each other

Drawings by Ignasi Blanch, Catalonian painter
PingPongParkinson in Sweden gaining momentum
Nenad Bach with Joginder Singh Nijjar, president of Croatian-Indian Society in Zagreb.

Interview with Sunil Raghavan, an Indian living in Singapore

Very nice and original PingPongParkinson tables are donated by STAG Company from India.
Left: Leandro Olvech (Argentinian living in Germany director of International Tabletennis Federation Foundation).
Right: Thomas Weikert, president of ITTF

ITTF Parkinsons' World Table Tennis Championships 2019 - New York, USA

Nenad's message on the occasion of an earthquake in Croatia in 2020

Game of Thrones filming in Croatia worth USD 180.7 million to the economy

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