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The Magic of a Christmas in Croatia and Slovenia
By Robert Jerin | Published  09/18/2017 | Tourism , Community | Unrated
Enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season in Croatia and Slovenia

The Magic of a Christmas in Croatia and Slovenia

We often recall Christmas with our Croatian grandparents; the celebration of the birth of Christ throughout the holiday season, the special customs and the aromas of special foods. Now you can recreate those memories by joining Sue and I for our Christmas in Croatia and Slovenia Tour. All of Europe has focused on Zagreb during the Advent season as, Zagreb has won the title as the City with the "Best Christmas Market" in all of Europe. Great News, we will be doing another Advent Season tour to Croatia and Slovenia.

Join us for this exciting and fun tour of Croatia and neighboring Slovenia where we will enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season as celebrated in the city squares and festive Advent markets. The capital cities of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia have both developed very popular winter season festivals and markets in their traditional city centers. People of all ages engage and enjoy the pageantry and all the delicious foods, not to mention the warming "Gluhwein" that is served. We'll spend time in the main squares and cathedrals, and also some smaller village celebrations and local craft markets too.

You'll be back in time for Christmas, perhaps with a few unique and memorable gifts for your friends and families!

We begin our trip in the heart of old Zagreb, with the Hotel Dubrovnik as our headquarters. We have special visits to the Ethnographic Museum planned, along with mass at the Zagreb Cathedral and a walking tour of the old town, traditional musical events and the Christmas Markets.

In addition, we will visit the ancient pilgrimage city of Marija Bistrica, where Pope John Paul beatified Cardinal Stepinac. We will enjoy the splendor of the old Austro-Hungarian town of Samobor. As well as a visit to the Salaj Family homestead, near Cazma, to see their 1 million Christmas Light display.

Marija Bistrica

Before we head to Slovenia we have set aside a day with free time to shop, visit museums or simply stroll around the town. Or if you are interested in doing some family research you may wish to visit the National Archive, where all the old records are kept. We will even have a special sarma dinner, just like your grandma made.

Heading to Slovenia, on St Nicholas Day, we stop along the way at the Heritage Museum located in the old town of Novo Mesto. After lunch and wine sampling we head to the capital City of Slovenia, Ljubljana. In Ljubljana we check into the elegant century old Hotel Grand Union, we have dinner at the rustic restaurant Gostilna Sokol. We have set aside a day for a walking tour of Ljubljana, where we can visit the historic sites and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Advent Season.

We travel to Lake Bled, with its fabulous view of the Julian Alps. Along the way we visit the beekeeper's museum at the quaint village of Radovljica. An unusual feature of Slovenian beehives are the elaborate painted decorations, which often depict religious, historical or humorous scenes. In the afternoon we head to the fabulous Lake Bled, where we will see the Triglav mountain, which is a feature on the Slovenian flag. And of course before we head back to Ljubljana we will want to sample the delicious Kremsnita that is a specialty of the Lake Bled area.

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Advent is a special joyous time in Zagreb and Ljubljana and we would like to invite you to join us in sharing this special time. The tour runs from November 30, 2017 through December 9, 2017, which means you will be back home in time to celebrate Christmas in the US with our families. Please contact Bob Jerin at (216) 225-6338 if you are interested in this tour or Mike Benz at Professional Travel at (800) 247-0060 to make your reservation.

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