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"I Will Follow You" by the Nenad Bach Band is hit of the week on Radio Split
By Marko Puljić | Published  01/25/2011 | Music , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Nenad Bach Band scores hit
"I Will Follow You" Is hit of the week!

Our song “I Will Follow You” has been chosen as the hit of the week on Radio Split! You can stream Radio Split live at:

You can listen to "I Will Follow You" on the band's website at:   

Sunday night, zero degrees farenheit. As if that wasn't enough to stay home, it was also the NFL playoffs, yet a warm gathering convened in Pawling, New York at the historic Towne Crier Cafe to see the Nenad Bach Band. Celebrating its 39th anniversary, The Towne Crier Cafe is one of, if not the only Folk Club in the United States still in business under the same management all these decades. Many magical evenings of music have occured here, and this night was no exception. A group of well- educated people, on stage and in the audience, offered the right ingredients for an evening of original, thought- provoking music.

Throughout the evening, Nenad's message was clear: LOVE. His original compositions and arrangements brought the audience along a beautiful trip. The energy level varied along with the level of the music's amplitude. There was good ol' Rock and Roll, in "Love is the Sound" and, "Reason and Faith," with audience members leaving their tables to get up and dance. Then there were the ballads like, "Everything is Forever," during which, at one point you could hear a pin drop as Nenad and the audience together held their breath in silent suspense, waiting for Nenad to finish his thought.

Just as there was seamless communication and synergy within the band on stage, the harmony and peace of the evening had a rippling effect; Reassurance for all who were present , that to positively affect the world is possible, even if it is just for an evening's great music!

Text and photos: Alison Hartwell, Jan 24th, 2011

L-R: Al Orlo, Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, Nenad Bach and Joe DeSanctis at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, New York

New CD "All I Want Is Freedom" is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby

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