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Nenad N. Bach in Lipik
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/11/2008 | About us , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
First visit to Lipik, part 1

I was mesmerized, simply by being so close to perfection.
Beautiful Lipizzaners, finally at home in Lipik, Croatia

Lipik's mayor Antun Haramija and Nenad Bach.

A briefing about the history and present of Lipik. Informative and cordial at the town hall. Lipik opened its heart. Mato Čačić, and Nenad Bach,

Mato Cacic is one of the most prominent Croatian expert on Lipizzaners. Mr. Cacic was instrumental in now famous Return of Croatian Lipizzaners from Serbia, stolen in the war.

The beauty of Lipizzaner is evident more so in the real life than in the photos. I love this horses. How they behave and how elegant they are.

Strolling with famous Dr. Marica Topic. Tough and sweet. Croatian War Hero. Croatians around the world are specially proud of her and the role she had in Vukovar Hospital. I was deeply honored by briefly meeting her. Simplicity is quality of great people.

Ivo Puscenik, former Mayor of Lipik Stjepan Horvat and Nenad Bach

Stjepan Horvat, Nenad Bach, Ivan Puscenik and Goran Puscenik, in discussion.

Nenad Bach and Ivan Puscenik.

Ivan was "guilty" of bringing me to Lipik and I thank him for the opportunity to see this gorgeous small town in the Heart of Croatia.

Lipik Orphanage rebuilt with the help of Colonel Mark Cook. Little that I've seen, I've seen a lot of love coming form teachers and children.

Mr. Mark Cook at the opening of Children's Orphanage in Lipik, 1993

See You Tube.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by S J Kapso)

    Dear Mr Bach,

    Thank you for the wonderful photos of the homeland.
    You brought a little more love into the world with you photos
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