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(E) Nenad Bach Produces Two Magical CD's
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/3/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Nenad Bach Produces Two Magical CD's


Klapa Sinj and FA Lindjo Present Their Mystic Voices to the World
Nenad Bach Produces Two Magical CD's of the A Cappella Sounds of Dalmatia

CD Covers of Klapa FA Lindjo and Klapa Sinj designed by Andrej Urem, photography by Ivo Pervan

By Josip Bogovic

For music enthusiasts and loversof Klapa singing--stirring vocal harmonies indigenous to the Croatia'sDalmatian region sung in a cappella style--two CD's of great technical andartistic quality produced by Nenad Bach are a must listen.

The unity of the voices and thetechnical quality on the recordings are unmatched.

The first CD called ‘Lipo Ime’(Beautiful Name) presents the voices of Klapa Sinj, a male group of 11seasoned, passionate, lyrical voices that resonate in absolute synchrony andharmony bringing forth the sounds of original and traditional songs.

The second CD is by Klapa FALindjo, an all woman group of nine singers at their magical, spellboundbest.

One of the reasons the CD soundsso great is because the songs were recorded using three of the best recordingtechniques available--Stereo Hi Frequency, Surround Sound and Regular CD recording.

Klapa Sinj recorded their songsat the Church of Miraculous Lady of Sinj. The entire recording took less than 3hours.

“It was all performed andrecorded in one spiritual breath,” said Bach.

Klapa FA Lindjo recorded their CDat St. Catherine’s in Novalja, on the island of Pag. Containing mostly ballads,the CD is meditative. The recording technique places the listener in the centerof the performance.

Nenad Bach

Bach’s way of thinking tends to add new dimensions to any process or project he undertakes. He is the right man for the job of producer.

A musician in his own right witha number of original CD’s in his portfolio, he has also composed music forseveral films, including "Freedom from Despair."

Outside the realm his recordingand film work, Bach has created and maintains one of the most visited CroatianWeb sites in North America called CROWN at

Asked why he decided to producethese high-quality Klapa CD’s, Bach answered, “There are primarily two reasonsfor doing this project. The first reason is that Klapa music is in our CroatianDNA. It has its unique signature."

"The music is meditativeand has its own mystique and charm. The vocal flavor is unlike any other in theworld," he said. "Why not expose it to the world."

"The internationalcommunity has been exposed to Flamenco music from Spain, the Cuban musicvarieties, Fado music from Portugal and the Bulgarian Woman’s RadioChoir," Bach said. "They all received international recognition andsupport, so why not expose our jewel to the world."

"I like to think that Istarted the beginning of what will become a series of 100 Klapa CD’s that willbe promoted internationally," he said. "I produced five others butthey are not on this technical level."

"This concept is well tiedtogether and includes a booklet in seven languages briefly explaining eachsong. The artwork of the cover and the booklet has mystic images," saidBach, concluding his first reason for producing the CD's.

"The second reason forproducing this CD is that I’m a rock musician who is working on an originalalbum called 'Everything is Forever.' This work will include Klapa Sinj,"he said. "I will be singing in English and they in their traditional Croatian language singing style."

"The work will be similarin form and spirit to Paul Simon’s 'Graceland' album. I expect this album (CD)to be out mid 2006," Bach said.

Bach said he hopes to use someof these variations in his upcoming work.

Asked how he is promoting theCD, Bach said, "The CD is available on my Web site, It willalso be available at in the weeks to come."

"There are several concertsplanned: In New York there will be a concert on Dec. 2 at the Society ofEthical Culture. There will be one at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.,on Dec 4 and one in the Chicago Cultural Center on Dec. 7 of this year,"he said. "Presently I’m negotiation deal for radio broadcasting and othervenues."

The cost of the CD is $17. If you like to order, log on , Klapa Sinj and Lindjo are waiting to sing for you.

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