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» (E) EU expansion privileged partnership, not membership
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/21/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 EU expansion privileged partnership, not membershipDear all,The Germans are now mooting 'privileged partnership' rather than membership for the so-called Western Balkans, which includes Croatia. This could be something along the lines of what is discussed for Turkey and Ukraine. (see article below)Both Germany and France are keen to work on internal EU matters rather than expansion, seeing expansion as secondary to ironing out the EU's prob
» (E) British Foreign Office has pursued a policy consistently hostile to Croatia
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/20/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 The British Foreign Office has pursued a policy consistently favorable to Belgrade and hostile to Croatia and BosniaThe American SpectatorMarch 2006The railroading of a former U.S. ally.America, The Hague, and Ante GotovinaRobin HarrisTHE CHARGES AGAINST GOTOVINA are baseless GREAT POWERS LIKE AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD to be too sentimental about foreign friends whose purpose has been served. But sometimes it pays to keep faith with indivi
» (E) Carla Del Ponte skewed her indictments in favour of the aggressors
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/15/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 Carla Del Ponte skewed her indictments in favor of the aggressorsAllThe below article is very important and quiteshocking. It is written by someone who worked on theMilosevic indictment. He alleges that Del Pontepersonally intervened to prevent Milosevic'sco-conspirators from being indicted. The whole piecedemonstrates clearly the political way in which thetribunal operates. This piece really should get some press coverage,coming as it does
» (H) Vremena izvrnutih vrijednosti
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/9/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 Vremena izvrnutih vrijednostiPise:Zvonimir B. RanogajecKrscanski TV producentOvo je moj osvrt na clanak "Maleni ispod zvijezda" koji je izasao u Vjesniku, (Tribina, srijeda, 8. ozujka 2006.), a potpisao ga je umirovljeni profesor filozofije i povijesti Tomislav Ravlic. Autor pise o danasnjem opcem stanju u Hrvatskom drustvu.Iako je profesor Tomislav Ravlic ponovio sto su rekli i mnogi, mnogi drugi, pametno i mudro je ponavljati te
» (H) Tko je ubio Milana Babica? Carla del Ponte ?
Submitted By Hilda Marija Foley | Published 03/9/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
  Tko je ubio Milana Babica?Babic had enough Serb enemies, not to mention Del Ponte. Who had access into his cell? That should not be so hard to establish. Babic's testimony would set Gotovina free. Sto se krije iza ubojstva vodje velikosrbijanskih teroristaMILANA BABICA UBILI SU RUSKI OBAVJESTAJCI?Haaski sud i tuziteljstvo posljednjih dana sve su snage upregnuli u istragu o ubojstvu ili kako ga zovu 'samoubojstvu' Milana Babica. Medjutim, jedna
» (E) From a population of less than four and a half million
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/8/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 World Cup Preview: Part 19 - CroatiaBySteve Beagrie Posted: March 08, 2006 12:03AM As those who know me are tired of hearing, I think the field for the 2006 World Cup Finals is the best for over twenty years, at least. The reason for this is the emergence of so many new nations as powers and many of them are from Eastern Europe. Croatia are a prime example of this; from a population of less than four and a half million (less than, say, Scot
» (E) The memorial at El-Shatt is silent
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/13/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 The Memorial at El-Shatt is silentGhost of the SinaiA quiet memorial recently reopened in Sinai commemorates Egypt's forgotten refugees: The 825 Croatians who died at El-Shatt displaced persons' camp in the final months of the second World War.Sometimes, it seems as if the entire Sinai is a graveyard. burned out hulks of tanks, unexploded ordinance and old fortifications from recent wars, some of them turned into museums, leave no doubt tha
» (H) Oliver Dragojevic porucio - Nikada necu pjevati u Beogradu
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/13/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 Nikada necu pjevati u Beogradu  Autor: Saturday, 21 January 2006 Oliver Dragojevic iz Sarajeva porucio: Nikada necu pjevati u BeograduDragojevic je neumoljiv. «Rekao sam da nikada necu otici u Beograd i tamo odrzati koncert.Svoje obecanje cu odrzati jer nikada ne gazim svoju rijec, drzim do stava, svojih rijeci i vrlo sam principijelan», kategorican je DragojevicSARAJEVO - Legendarni Oliver Dragojevic cekao je g
» (H) Strategijska regulacija sporosti
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/13/2006 | Opinions | Unrated
 Strategijska regulacija sporostiDragi Franjo,(op-ed: Franjo Radosevic)Od Vasih pitanja u vezi AMAC-a pa preko clanka o Zagrebackoj poslovnoj skoli (e-mail od g. Davora Pavune), vrlo sam brzo dosao na to da opet razmisljam o (za mene) kljucnim recenicama s kojima je Dag Strpic (Novi list, 4.1.06) zavrsio svoju prvu novogodisnju kolumnu "Strategijska regulacija sporosti": QUOTESvjesno ili ne, za sve vrste nasih establismenta previse

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