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» Ivana Marija Vidovic Croatian pianist touring Pennsylvania, NC, January 14-21, 2008
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/10/2009 | People , Culture And Arts , Charity | Unrated
Ivana Marija Vidović is Croatian pianist and poet, born and living in Dubrovnik. We are happy to announce her USA tour in Pennsylvania, North Carolina,  January 14-21, 2008. She is a young pianist with great natural instinct, a beautiful musicality, lovely desire to express herself artistically, with taste, poetry and extroversion. She is the founder and artistic director of the Epidaurus Festival, and involved in humanitarian work.
» Goran Simic is the world's best neuropathologist in 2008
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/9/2009 | Science , People , Awards | Unrated
Prof. Dr. Goran Šimić from the University of Zagreb won the award for his discovery of the spinal muscular - atrophy mechanism and, due to that, has been acclaimed as the world's best neuropathologist in 2008. The "Kurt Jellinger Prize" is awarded by one of the world's leading magazines specialising in neuropathology, "Acta Neuropathologica."  Šimić is also the first Croatian scientist whose picture has appeared on the cover of the journal.
» Renata Pokupic acclaimed Croatian mezzo-sporano
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/24/2008 | People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian mezzo-soprano Renata Pokupić is known internationally through her acclaimed performances of baroque, classical and other coloratura - mezzo repertoire as well as solo songs. She holds numerous awards among which are the International Circle of Friends and Patrons of Théâtre du Châtelet and the Orlando for the best performance at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2004 with the Purcell Quartet.
» Croatian born Mirna Jukic wins Austrian "Athlete of the Year"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/22/2008 | Sports , People | Unrated
Thomas Morgenstern (ski jumping) and Mirna Jukic (swimming) are the Austrian Athletes of the Year for 2008. More than 300 members of Sports Media Austria voted this year for the nation's top athletes including the team of the year. Mirna Jukic is Austria's most successful swimmer ever. Born in Croatia, she came to Austria in 1999 and received Austrian citizenship a year later.
» Stjepan Hauser double winner at international music competition in Italy
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/13/2008 | People , Culture And Arts , Awards | Unrated
On December 5th, 2008 Stjepan Hauser won two first prizes at the International Music Competition "Francesco Forgione" in Verbania, Italy near Milano. He won 100 points out of 100 and became absolute winner in two different categories (Solo and Solo with Orchestra). A part of the prize includes 70 concerts in Italy.
» SNAV MSC Cruises in Dubrovnik
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/5/2008 | Tourism | Unrated
In the last 7 years, MSC Cruises fleet brought over 700,000 guests to the Croatian city often nicknamed The Pearl of Adriatic - Dubrovnik, the only port in Croatia where passengers can embark MSC ships and start a vacation of their dreams. In 2008 alone MSC ships have called Dubrovnik 73 times carrying onboard over 200,000 passengers.
» Croatian pupil Martin Kotarski and Bill Gates awarded in Japan
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 11/13/2008 | People , Ideas , Education , Croatian Cuisine , Charity | Unrated
Martin Kotarski, 14 years old Croatian pupil, and Bill Gates (both on the photo), are recipients of a recognition from the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan. Martin received Children's Category 1st Prize for his essay Joined by a Cookbook. He prepared a cookbook with traditional Croatian meals in order to get money for poor people of his school.
» Mirna Brkanovic working on her debut film
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/6/2008 | Croatian Language , People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Mirna Brkanović studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb since 1994. In 1997 she started studying  at the Academy of Television and Film in Munich, Germany. "Hidden Truth" is her graduation film. At the moment she is working on her debut film. Her motto is: "Stay true to your deepest and inmost wishes, because one day they will become your true."
» Erik Margan an artistic scientist in search for invisible particles
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 08/12/2008 | Science , People | Unrated
Erik Margan is a specialist in electronics working in Slovenia, with roots from Croatia. He participates a particle physics experiment called ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. The ATLAS detector will search for new discoveries in the head-on collisions of protons of extraordinarily high energy.
» Ivo Karlovic beat Roger Federer at Cincinnati Masters 2008
By Nenad N. Bach | Published 08/3/2008 | Sports | Unrated
Ivo Karlović, Croatian tennis player known as The King of Aces, beat Roger Federer at Cincinnati Masters 2008, scoring 21 aces. He has the most devastating serve in ATP history. He is the tallest player ever on the ATP Tour at 208 cm (6 ft 10 in). In 2007 he finished the year with 1,318 aces, second all-time behind Goran Ivanišević, who hit 1,477 in 1996.
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