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» Put Zagreb, Croatia on the Monopoly Board Game - Help our tourism
Submitted By Ivo Bach | Published 01/30/2008 | Tourism | Unrated
HELP OUR TOURISM. Every day you can vote again at click on Zagreb, and then add to my cities and then VOTE to Vote to have Zagreb on next WORLD MONOPOLY gameboard it takes 30 seconds maximum.
» Enriching experience: The cream of Croatia provides a fascinating experience
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/19/2008 | Tourism | Unrated
With miles of pristine beaches framed by dramatic mountains and impossibly clear Adriatic waters, more than a thousand picturesque islands ripe for hopping, and town upon ancient town bursting with faded Habsburg grandeur and dazzling Byzantine churches, Croatia provides a fascinating experience for any visitor.
» Help Cora Yanacek explore the Dalmatian Coast
Submitted By Larry Cirignano | Published 01/15/2008 | Tourism | Unrated
  Cora Yanacek (left) wants to explore Croatia's Dalmatian Coast in May but hasn't been able to decide on the best approach: Stay at one resort and use that as a base? Travel by bus along the coast? Take a cruise? She'll be traveling by herself and needs to stay under $2,000, including airfare.
» No exaggeration: Croatia truly the 'Jewel of Adriatic'
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/21/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
I had read that Croatia was called the "Jewel of the Adriatic," to which I had rolled my eyes thinking it another trite and  exaggerated description. But it had become clear from the moment we got in our rental car in the marble streets of Zadar to begin our drive south that the description was in fact quite modest.
» Who Needs Venice When Zagreb Beckons?
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/11/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
  Take Vienna's florid architecture, throw in Budapest's bubbling cafe culture, and you get Zagreb, Croatia's grand capital. A showcase of fin-de-siecle architecture capped by two hilltop medieval towns, Zagreb's unexpected beauty is drawing sophisticated weekenders.
» 1925 elegance lives in Zagreb
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/10/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
  The Regent Esplanade brought glamor and elegance to Zagreb in 1925 when it opened to cater to passengers of the famed Orient Express train route between Paris and Constantinople. Today the Esplanade offers a luxurious gateway to one of Central Europe's hottest destinations - Croatia.
» Watch Croatia in primetime on the Amazing Race tonight on CBS!
Submitted By Marko Puljić | Published 12/9/2007 | Tourism , Media Watch | Unrated
  Croatia will be featured on the December 9, 2007 episode of the Amazing Race.  The Amazing Race is an Emmy award winning reality program on CBS that features teams of two in a race around the world. Tune in to watch!
» Newsletter of the Croatian National Tourist Office, December 2007
Submitted By Nena Komarica | Published 12/4/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
Gorski Kotar is relatively less known region of Croatia located in the continental part, just half an hour drive from the Northern Adriatic Coast. With parks of nature and rich wooded areas, it is a great alternative for coastal vacation. During winter months, ski-lovers can enjoy in any of ski-resorts, like Platak or Bjelolasica.
» Višnjica estate offers riding of Arabian horses and looks for investment
Submitted By Vladimir Mihajlović | Published 12/3/2007 | Tourism , Classifieds , Business | Unrated
Guests of Višnjica on the north of Croatia can, beside visiting the fallow-deer breeding site and the stud farm, enjoy riding beautiful Arabian horses or spend a day walking, jogging or riding a bike through the nature. To bring the entire estate to its purpose we need capital investments.

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