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In Memoriam
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» Mirogoj Cemetery in Croatia's capital Zagreb through the lens of Nikola Piasevoli
Submitted By Nikola Piasevoli | Published 04/3/2015 | People , In Memoriam , History , Education , Culture And Arts , Religion | Unrated
Mirogoj is one of the most beautiful city cemeteries in Europe. It has been designed by Austrian architect Herman Bollé, starting from 1879 to 1929 when it was completed. Many famous Croatians are burried there. Furthermore, with its pleasant atmosphere and numerous high quality works of art, it is a nice place for rest and meditation. All the photos have been taken by Mr. Nikola Piasevoli from Zagreb. With this pres
» Danny Schechter 1942 - 2015 journalist, documentary filmmaker, social justice activist and media critic
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/21/2015 | Friends , In Memoriam | Unrated
By definition Danny was a journalist, documentary filmmaker, social justice activist and media critic, but that would be a reduction and simplification of what Danny real was and is. The man who understood the world affairs; talks one minute to the president of a country and the next minute talks to a group of elementary school kids. Only highly intelligent and highly compassionate people can do that. Danny did and could work
» Michael Bilandic mayor of Chicago 1977-1979 proud of his Croatian heritage
Submitted By Darko Žubrinić | Published 01/19/2015 | People , In Memoriam , History , Education , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Michael Bilandic was born in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois and was one of four children born of his Croatian immigrant parents. His father was from a village near Sinj, Croatia and his mother was from the island of Brac, also in Croatia. In 1977 he was elected as Chicago’s 40th mayor until 1979. He was devoted to his family, faithful to his church, and proud of his Croatian heritage. He was presented the Vinodol Co
» Franjo Dugan playing organs in Zagreb during the first public registration of a gramophone record in Europe
Submitted By Darko Žubrinić | Published 12/27/2014 | Music , Croatian spirituality , Science , In Memoriam , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
The first remote public registration of a gramophone record in continental Europe was successfully organized in Croatia's capital Zagreb, 1927. It was the third such registration in the world, after the USA, New York in 1925 and GB, London in 1926. The concert of Croatian Christmas carols with Franjo Dugan as the organist in the Zagreb Cathedral (stuffed with 2000 worshippers who were singing), had been regist
» Mia Slavenska Croatian-American ballerina broadcast premiere "Mia, a Dancer's Journey"
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/30/2014 | People , In Memoriam , Culture And Arts | Unrated
"Mia, a dancer's journey" aired November 20th on PBS SoCaL in Southern California and received great ratings and great reviews in the press! Viewers can catch an encore of the film on PBS SoCaL, Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 9 pm! In February, the film will be released to PBS stations across the country and millions of Americans will have access to this film on television. This is the first time a film like this about a C
» Ivan Bjelovucic the first in history to fly over the Alps in 1913
Submitted By Mauricij Frka-Petešić | Published 05/2/2014 | Sports , People , In Memoriam , History , Education , Bilingual | Unrated
One of the greatest successes of Ivan Bjelovučić (1889 – 1949) was achieved on 25 January 1913 when, as a French pilot, he managed to fly over the Alps between Brigue and Domodossola in 26 minutes and thus become the first pilot in the history who did it. Born in Peru, on his father's side he was a descendant from the family of sea captains from Janjina, Pelješac peninsula in Croatia. Recently a postage s
» Vinko Coce 1954-2013 Croatian tenor and klapa singer from the city of Trogir
Submitted By Darko Žubrinić | Published 03/11/2014 | Music , People , In Memoriam , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Vinko Coce is a distingushed Croatian pop and klapa singer, known for his numerous unforgettable songs like "Vilo moja“ (My Fairy), „Ribari“ (Mariners), or „Mirno spavaj ružo moja“ (Sleep peacefully my rose). He is known for his numerous humanitarian concerts, in particular during the 1990s. Among his memorable appearances are the concerts at the grand stadium in the city of Split. We invite
» Mike Stepovic, the Last Territorial Governor of Alaska dies on 14 February 2014 in San Diego
Submitted By David Byler | Published 02/22/2014 | In Memoriam | Unrated
Former Governor Mike Stepovich was the last Territorial Governor and the last surviving Territorial Governor of Alaska when he died in San Diego on Friday the 14th of February 2014. Mike Stepovich is survived by six daughters Antonia Gore, Nada Stockton, Maria Greulich, Laura Tramonte, Andrea McGill and Melissa Cook; seven sons Michael, Peter, Christopher, Dominic, Theodore, Nicholas and James; thirty-seven grandchildre
» Karlo J. Mirth 1917-2013 distinguished Croatian writer and lifetime president of Croatian Academy of America
Submitted By Darko Žubrinić | Published 02/2/2014 | People , In Memoriam , History , Education , Croatian Life Stories , Charity | Unrated
Karlo Mirth was born in Otočac in Croatian region of Lika, where also Nikola Tesla was born. He studied Forestry and Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb. Forced to leave Croatia after 1945, he studied  Journalism at the University of Rome. He later studied at the Universities of Barcelona and Madrid, and the Library Sciences at Columbia University. Karlo Mirth was a prolific writer of many articles related

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