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Friends In Action

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» Colonel Mark Cook and the Lipik Orphanage
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published 04/15/2007 | Friends In Action , History | Unrated
 Colonel Mark Cook, outstanding British humanist, in a crucial way contributed to rebuilding of the Lipik Orphanage that was totally destroyed by Greater Serbian forces in 1991. This project included many people throughout the world, and resulted in a beutifully renovated building in 1993.
» In Debt we Trust is the latest film from Danny Schechter, playing in New York April 4-5
Submitted By Danny Schechter | Published 03/29/2007 | Friends In Action , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
  While many Americans may be "maxing out" on credit cards, there is a deeper story: all economic power around the world is shifting into fewer hands. This will lead to an unavoidable consumer debt meltdown. This predicts Schechter, The Emmy-winning former ABC News and CNN producer, will have frightening consequences for us all.
» Award Winning Film Random Lunacy playing in New York on April 1st 2007
Submitted By Vic Zimet & Stephanie Silber | Published 03/29/2007 | Friends In Action , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
  Videos From The Road Less Traveled, is a close-up look at a family's odyssey of survival, adventure, and desire.  The hour long documentary unspools on Sunday, April 1, 2007, at the New York Underground Film Festival, New York, N.Y., at 8:45 PM. What is genuine value in a culture jaded by its own affluence?
» RANDOM LUNACY: new film by Vic Zimet and Stephanie Silber premieres on March 9th
Submitted By Vic Zimet & Stephanie Silber | Published 02/23/2007 | Friends In Action , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
  Peter Travers of Rolling Stone says: "Movies like to pretend they're different, but RANDOM LUNACY really, truly is.  Gifted filmmakers Zimet and Silber throw us into a life that intoxicates, infuriates and leaves us panting for each unforgettable adventure  Prepare to be wowed." @ WESTCHESTER FILM FESTIVAL Friday, March 9th at 9:40 PM White Plains City Center, New York. To reserve tickets call 914 747 6000
» Free energy technology will be made widely available
Submitted By Peter Scheltus | Published 02/23/2007 | Friends In Action , Environment , Ideas | Unrated
  Steorn has today announced that its free energy technology will be made widely available to the development community immediately after the independent scientific validation process that is currently underway.
» Admiral Lunney continues with Peter Tomich's story in The American Legion
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/17/2006 | History , Friends In Action , Awards | Unrated
  2.5 million copies sold. Story about Croatian American hero Peter Tomich. Thank you Admiral Lunney and The American Legion.
Submitted By Violi Calvert | Published 12/16/2006 | Friends In Action | Unrated
» BRYAN ADAMS: "You crazy Croatians! Bravo! Thank you!" AN EXCITING EVENT IN OSIJEK, CROATIA
Submitted By Goran Nikolašević | Published 11/28/2006 | Friends In Action , Events , Entertainment | Unrated
After performing his well known song "Somebody", Bryan has started his concert in Osijek, Croatia, with simple words: "Hello. I'm Bryan !" .
» Richard Gere to shoot despite broken rib
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 11/10/2006 | Friends In Action , Entertainment | Unrated
Hollywood actor Richard Gere was rushed to hospital in Croatia after breaking a rib while shooting for his new movie but he refused to allow the injury to obstruct the film shoot.  

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