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(E) Philippine Community Herald Newspaper about Bevan & CROWN
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/10/2006 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
(E) Philippine Community Herald Newspaper about Bevan & CROWN

Philippine Community Herald Newspaper about Bevan & CROWN

Hi Nenad,

I only got back a few days ago from a trip to Philippines. One of the mail awaiting me was a copy of the March 2006 issue of the Philippine Community Herald Newspaper which is distributed Australia wide on a monthly basis, with copies also provided to Philippine Consulate/Embassies worldwide as well as other to other organisations. This issue contains an article about the publication of the piece on Bevan on your website. Attached is a scanned copy of the article which appeared by itself on the back page of the newspaper.

Other little bit of news is that the first season of handball club competition concluded last weekend. Bevan's club came first and he also was top goal scorer. Bevan attributes this achievement to the the support of his team and appreciates being one of the players to take penalty shots for the team. Pasted below is the result of the competition.


Top 10 Scorers
Player Team Goals
Bevan Calvert HHC 73
Jerome Schultz Taysols HC 58
Rajan Pavlovic Sydney Uni 58
Russell Garnett Hills HC 47
Josh Parmenter HHC 45
Jason Hoppner HHC 44
Ivica Djuric Blue Star 42
Mirko Pavlovic Blue Star 41
Christoph Mecker Taysols HC 39
Herve Le Feure Sydney Uni 36

The next major handball event is the Oceania World Championships Qualifying Tournament which is being held during 22 - 27 May 2006, The winner of the tournament will compete in the Handball World Championships to be held in Germany in January 2007. (op-ed. Violi's letter was received before the tournament. Australia qualified and will play in Germany in January 2007)

Once again, thank you for publishing the article on Bevan and for fostering friendship through your website. Here's wishing you continued success in all your endeavors.


PS A cousin is visiting your beautiful country next week. We hope to do the same some time in the future.



Thank you Violi. Congratulations to Bevan on his great success and qualifications to play in Germany 2007. I am honored and humbled by your attention and actions. Thank you on my behalf and on the the behalf of all Croatians around the world who, I am sure, appreciate your kind comments. Only mother can do that. Our best to Philippine Community,


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