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» Quietest road race ever? Croatia hosts electric vehicle rally in May 2014
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 03/25/2014 | Tourism , Sports , Companies , Business | Unrated
Nikola Tesla would be proud. In May, Croatia will host its first electric car rally that winds from the northern coast to the capital Zagreb through some of the country's most scenic spots. The route includes a visit to electricity pioneer Tesla's hometown too. Over five days, electric car and motorcycle drivers will pass through three national parks - Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes and Krka - as well as resort towns lik
» Development and production of electric vehicles in Croatia
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Zvonko Benčić | Published 02/18/2014 | Bilingual , Science , Editorials , Companies | Unrated
The development and production of vehicles in Croatia started in 1951 by a tram prototype. This was followed by several key mile-stones: trolley bus, diode type locomotive, thyristor type locomotive, thyristorisation of diode type locomotives, chopper trams, transistor tram, all the way to the transistor electric multiple unit (EMU) in 2009. The development and production of electrical equipment for submarines started in
» Marin Soljacic Croatian physicist and inventor founder of WiTricity Corp. announces "GOODBY WIRES..."
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 01/26/2014 | Science , People , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
The story starts one late night a few years ago, with professor Marin Soljačić, standing in his pajamas, staring at his cell-phone on the kitchen counter. “It was probably the sixth time that month that I was awakened by my cell-phone beeping to let me know that I had forgotten to charge it. It occurred to me that it would be so great if the thing took care of its own charging.” To make this possible, one
» IN2 - the largest Croatian IT company founded by Ante Mandic
Submitted By Marijan Ožanić | Published 10/30/2013 | People , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Mr. Ante Mandić and his IN2 Group’s IT solutions have received worldwide acknowledgments, and their software solutions have won the highest recognitions. In London, March 13 2013, IN2 Group won a prestigious annual European IT & Software Excellence Award for its software products in the category Government Solution of the Year. In Houston, Texas, in July 2013, IN2 Group won the world Microsoft Partner of the Y
» Goran Oreskovic founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. Croatian export and knowledge based company
Submitted By Marijan Ožanić | Published 02/5/2013 | People , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Mr Goran Orešković is a mechanical engineer and a mathematician, an entrepreneur and our greatest expert in machine vibrations. He is the founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. (, and a man who has spent his whole career in developing the most complex products in the field of high technologies. The fact that VESKI Ltd. exports its products even to Australia is one the greatest confirmations of its success. In a
» Mate Rimac young Croatian inventor created the fastest electric car in the world
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published 01/2/2013 | People , Ideas , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Mate Rimac, young Croatian inventor, created the fastest electric car in the world rushing faster than 300 km/h. The U.S. TV Bloomberg ranked him in its list of "Best of 2012". The car has four electric motors with a total of 1088 horsepower. The Rimac Concept One utilizes a 92-kWh battery to power four sets of electric motors (one for each wheel). Each motor operates independently, accelerating and decelerating hundreds o
» Zvonko Viduka Croatian enterpreneur selling high-tech products in 35 countries worldwide
Submitted By M.Sc. Marijan Ožanić | Published 10/27/2012 | People , Ideas , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Since 2002 ALTPRO Ltd., founded and directed by Mr. Zvonko Viduka, has been included in the Railway Gazette – Railway Directory. Since June 2004 ALTPRO Ltd. has become a full member of UNIFE – The Association of the European Rail Industry, as the only non-EU firm admitted in the association. ALTPRO Ltd. is the only Croatian firm that has become a full member of an EU economic association. It is also a member o
» Victor and Vlado Krizek sucsessfully direct Croatian jewelry company Zlatarna Krizek
Submitted By Darko Žubrinić | Published 10/13/2012 | People , Culture And Arts , Companies , Business | Unrated
In the production of gold and silver jewelry, Zlatarna Križek is using modern machinery such as computer engraving machines and modern machines for casting, etc. However, aware that there is no machine that can compensate for artistic creativity, Zlatarna Križek employs more young, talented designers and this is the assurance that the design and hand-made jewelry Zlatarna Križek will continue to attract with their beauty
» Zagreb Technopolis - Silicon Valley on the Sava River in Croatia
Submitted By M.Sc. Marijan Ožanić | Published 06/25/2012 | Bilingual , Ideas , Education , Companies , Community , Business | Unrated
Zagreb Technopolis, or the Silicon Valley on the Sava River, is a large science and technology park of 236 000 m2 envisaged on the site of the never completed hospital. That would be the place of the future science and technology park for high-tech firms, an entrepreneurial zone for large productive enterprises, business schools and various accompanying facilities like multimedia halls, conference rooms, labora

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