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(E) Film Update and Thanks from Brenda Brkusic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/11/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Film Update and Thanks from Brenda Brkusic


Freedom from Despair, is coming along well.

Dear Friends,

My documentary film, Freedom from Despair, is coming along well. After a successful filming in California, Chicago and Croatia, the film is now in post-production. In December, a preview of the film was aired on PBS (KOCE) in Southern California to 3 million viewers. Look out for my interview in the January 19th issue of Arena Magazine. In the spring, the film will be screened in the Amnesty International Film Festival.

After competing with 800 students, I was recently awarded the Marion Knott Scholarship from the Chapman University School of Film. This means that I will get to spend the next few months working one on one with filmmaker David S. Ward during post-production on my film. His credits include “Sleepless in Seattle,” “The Sting” for which he received an academy award, “Jumanji 2,” all the “Major League” movies, “Canery Row,” and “The Best Man.” I believe that time with Mr. Ward will afford me the opportunity to make the film the best that it can be.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Tom Rinear, for his recent monetary donation to the film! This project is something that will promote Croatia in a positive light and it is something that Croatians can benefit from. Below I have included the names of people who I wish to recognize for understanding importance of this. Since it is an independent student film, I am relying on the generous donations from my family and other Croatians who believe in the project. The budget is still growing and donations are still needed to complete the film. If you can afford to offer any help, please contact me .

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year,
Brenda Brkusic

Freedom from Despair: A young man’s journey from despair, a nation’s struggle for freedom.

Tom Rinear for his recent monetary donation to the film! Thank you, Tom, for being the first!
Niko Hazdovac and The Libertas Foundation for advertising support
The Cvirn family for printing free t-shirts (“Sitotisak Idizajn Cvirn,” in Zagreb, Croatia)
Nenad Bach for music  and for advertising support on 
Anthony Dizdar for advertising support and research
Hilda Foley for research and support
Dianna Brkusic, Tereza Brkusic, John Dolan, Marcial Rios, Jaclyn Austin for transcribing and translating the interviews.
Irina Damic (of "Kvadar" production company in Zagreb, Croatia) for her continued work on the film for the interview on the radio
PBS (KOCE) (with Pete Weitzner, Liz Brandenburg, Bob Bassett and Maria Hall-Brown) for the interview on public television
Amnesty International for research and support
Chapman University School of Film for the Marion Knott Scholarship (thanks Liz, for convincing me to apply)
HIC (Croatian Information Center) and Ante Beljo for research
Jadran Film in Zagreb, Croatia, for donating costumes
Ambassador Grdesic, The Ministry of Justice, and Lepoglava Prison
HTV (Croatian Television) for research
WGN, Chicago and Sandy Pudar for stock footage
Zvonko Ranogajec for stock footage and the interview on Croatian Satellite Television
My cast and crew from America and Croatia for their time
Extreme Film Crew for providing equipment
Arena Magazine for the interview
Marymount College for support
My friends for their support
Paul Wolansky and David Garcia for their recommendations

The following family members for offering their services to the cast and crew while filming:
My parents Dianna and Kruno Brkusic, my Dida Bozo Ukas, Anita Milin, Stipe and Roza Brkusic and their daughters, Ksenija and Nenad Talijancic, Vlado and Ankica Brkusic, Davor Talijancic and “Pizzeria Leonardo” in Hvar, Croatia, Susan Obad and Tamara Klarin.

My interviewees for their enthusiasm and knowledge:
Kruno Brkusic, Dianna Brkusic, Bozo Ukas, Congressman Kucinich, Congressman Radanovich, Marko Dizdar, Father Petar Bezina, Niko Hazdovac, Dr. Jerry Blaskovich, Michael McAdams, Zvonko Ranogajec, Roza Brkusic, Julija Radovanovich, Nikola Rudman. everyone else who has offered their support (and those who just recently offered to volunteer as a translators)!

Thank you!

Editor's note:

This subject is something that needs to be told, with and through our own sons and daughters. We waited centuries, and especially last 60 years, to tell it to the world. So, now is your opportunity to support it. I do.

Nenad Bach

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