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(E) Filmmaker Brenda Brkusic on TV
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/11/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Filmmaker Brenda Brkusic on TV


Filmmaker Brenda Brkusic on CroatianTV

"Freedom from Despair."

On Sunday, March 16 at 5:00 pm and 11:00 pm (CST), 3:00 pm and9:00 pm Pacific time, and 6:00 pm and Midnight Eastern time, aninterview with young Croatian American Filmmaker, Brenda Brkusic, will beaired on Globe Cast, (HIC) Croatian Satellite Television Program for NorthAmerica and Canada.

The hour long program is hosted by Mr. Zvonko Ranogajec.The first segment is an interview with Ms. Brkusic's parents, Kruno and DiannaBrkusic, and the second segment of the program is an interview with Brenda about herinterest in film and television and also about her upcoming filmproject "Freedom from Despair."  Mr. Ranogajec statedthat one of his goals with this program was to recognize that we need morepeople outside of Croatia working in film and media on our behalf, as Brendais trying so feverishly to do.  

Unfortunately, not many people in the worldhave a true understanding of Croatia. But Brenda Brkusic is in the position tochange all that. She feels that we are a nation worth knowing. The youngChicago-born Croatian American is now residing in Southern California and iscompleting her degree in Film and Television Writing and Directing at ChapmanUniversity. Some people may have seen her filming the Croatianrepresentatives at the International Friendship Festival in El Cajon, ordirecting crew members at Zadarska Noc last fall for her documentary “MyCroatia.” Brenda has devoted countless hours to the voice in her heart byactively dedicating her artistic and technical energies towards her currentpurpose: “revealing the truth by creating documentary films that will embraceand empower the Croatian community while displaying messages of humanity andpeace,” she says. Her gratification comes form seeing the way that Croatiansand non-Croatians alike have been affected by viewing her work. She thanks allof you for your support thus far.

Your contributions will be essential insupporting her next non-profit project, a documentary film called “Freedomfrom Despair” which will be shot in California, Chicago and Croatia during thesummer of 2003. “Freedom from Despair” strives to represent the stories ofthe immigrants that have escaped to America’s shores during the 1950’s insearch of freedom. It is based off of her father’s life experiences in Croatiaand his personal struggle as a political activist on Croatian affairs whileliving in America.

Although Ms. Brkusic is applying for grantsand other funding means in order to continue with this work, sponsorship of thefilm is also possible through interested businesses and individuals. If you areinterested in learning more, please contact Brenda to hear how your name can bepart of this film. Thank you in advance for contributing to this importantcause!

Please support out talent. To contact Brenda, write to

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