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(E) Croatia launched production of biodiesel
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/7/2006 | Environment | Unrated
Croatia launched production of biodiesel

Croatia launched production of biodiesel - Malaysia starts using

Zagreb, 16:03

Croatia launched as of Monday production of biodiesel, while Malaysia has introduced this kind of fuel in the public transportation system.

Production of the Croatian biodiesel began in the private industrial complex located in Ozalj, which has capacity of 30.000 tons on a yearly basis. The initial quantities are intended for export in Austria and Italy, however this type of fuel is due to be introduced in the public transportation of the city of Zagreb too.

The biodiesel is produced of recycled cooking oil, derived from turnip, soy, sunflower, corn and palm tree. The Croatian experts underlined the environmental benefit of biodiesel, since the cooking oil used in hospital, hotels, school, etc, can be recycled and used for its production, thus preventing the pollution of rivers through sewerage.

In the meantime, Malaysia unveiled plans for introduction of the biofuels in a segment of its transportation system, before full-scale replacement takes place.

Commuter buses in the eastern Malaysian town of Saravak has already shifted from diesel to befoul.

Malaysians use the palm tree oil for production of the biofuel. Its introduction in public transportation followed after a series of successful experiments conducted on automobiles and other vehicles owned by the state.

The analysis that followed four-week trial operation on biodiesel, indicated no malfunction on the motors whatsoever, while the concentration of harmful materials in the exhaust gases was much lower compared with conventional fuels, Malaysian official in charge of the project said.

The production and use of biofuels as an eco-fuel of the future is part of the obligations undertaken by the EU member-countries, as well as by the country-candidates for membership such are Croatia and Macedonia.

The EU Directives stipulate that consumption of biofuels in these countries should take up 2 percent of the total annual consumption of fuel until 2005, and to be gradually increased to reach 5,75 percent by 2010.
Biofuels in the Eurozone are due to account for 20 percent of the overall fuel consumption.

Some countries, Austria for instance, have been introducing gradually the biodiesel in the public transportation since 1994. At the moment, all 140 commuter buses in the city of Gratz are operating on biodiesel fuel.

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