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Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/8/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
THE VIEW OF CROATIA IN THE WEST By John Peter Kraljic Published in Croatian Chronicle 22 March 2005 "Are Croatian leaders reallythat thick that they can not see the importance inforcefully engaging their resources to turn theseperceptions around?"Should we really be surprised by Croatia’s miserablefailure in getting the members of the European Unionto see Croatia’s side of things with respect toGeneral Gotovin
» (E) Feudal system of state-owned property transfer
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/30/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
 Feudal system of state-owned property transferThe Vecernji list published a brief article on the 13th of March, 2005, about the recent encounter of a former Minister in the Croatian government, a member of Parliament, and president of the Croatian Tennis Alliance, Mr. Radomir Cacic, with Croatians living in California. The engagement was so “stormyâ€? that some Croatians from Los Angeles and San Pedro publicly expressed their displeasure
» (E) Croatia's EU Membership Held 'Hostage' by few EU states
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/21/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
  Croatia's EU Membership Held 'Hostage' by few EU states.These are the titles of the articles that were published all over the world. In the title it says "WAR CRIMINAL", without trial, they decided who is guilty and who is not. That is UNACCEPTABLE ! What are the legal consequences of these titles, printed in bold. Dismiss the trial would be one and the best solution, plus apology to the whole nation. Is Croatian government
» (E) Ten Questions to Ask Before You Give Away Your Country
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/4/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
"Ten Questions to Ask Before You Give Away Your Country"  John Blundell's Open Letter to Croatia's Prime Minister, Ivo SanaderAs featured in Dnevnik, Croatia's Business Daily, Wednesday, March 2, 2005 with front page lead.For those interested in the scanned copy of John Blundell's article via attachment or the Croatian version, please email: AdriaticIPP@aol.com2nd March 2005Prime Minister Dr Ivo SanaderTrg Sv Marka 210000 ZagrebCro
» (H) Samo jedan neprijatelj, a to je totalitarizam bilo koje boje!
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/7/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
 Za demokrate postoji samo jedan neprijatelj,a to je totalitarizam bilo koje boje! Revolucija protiv demokracije - reagiranje na pisanje Slobodne Dalmacije Kroz mitos antifašizma Split je 1944. godine doĹľivio ponovno okupaciju „Nove klase" i Titove OZNE u atmosferi Đilasovog citata iz „Borbe": „Naši su neprijatelji divlji psi koje treba u ime civilizacije poubijati"!Po gradu su izlijepljene liste s imenima strije
» (E,H) Mr. Miksic's chance to be elected
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/2/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
 Mr. Miksic's chance to be electedThe fact that Mr. Miksic was not allowed to present his views on Croatian HTV and most newspapers until the very last days certainly had much to do with his third position. Considering that among the many candidates, who are much better known, he achieved the third position is surprising and encouraging enough. Croatia needs to be cleaned up of former communists like Mesic and many officials in the leading H
» (H) Kljucni element hrvatske buducnosti su probudjeni stvaraoci
Submitted By Prof.Dr. Davor Pavuna | Published 12/15/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
 Kljucni element Hrvatske buducnosti su probudjeni stvaraoci Hrvatska mora hitno razviti KONKURENTNOST na svakom nivou Prvi Kongres Hrvatskih Znanstvenika, Zagreb-Vukovar 15-19.11.2004.(tekst glavne deklaracije: )osobno vidjenje voditelja prirodne sekcije, dr. Davora Pavune (Lausanne, Svicarska)''PKHZ: Hrvatska (hitno) mora razviti KONKURENTNOST na svakom nivou''Iako nije sve moglo biti idealno (n
» (E) My Passion for Croatia
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 11/28/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
 My Passion for Croatia Croatia is in my blood. Growing up in our home, symbols and stories of the homeland filled my heart and mind. My parents always spoke our native tongue. Our meals were from recipes passed on from generations past. Croatia was everywhere. The Croatian Coat of Arms, the Grb, along with other artifacts and woodwork from Croatia adored our walls and shelves. Croatian music filled the air. I remember the beautiful son
» (E) Why will I, Nenad Bach vote for John Kerry
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/28/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
 Why will I, Nenad Bach, vote for John Kerry Dear all, These days I am getting thousands of letters and many of them are with the question about our election in the United States. My views are clear even from the previous election, which I do consider an interpretation of democracy and not justice. And why is that so, you may ask. Because Supreme Court Judges are not elected but appointed. They are not the will of the people. 5:4 d

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