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(E) Why will I, Nenad Bach vote for John Kerry
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/28/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Why will I, Nenad Bach vote for John Kerry


Why will I, Nenad Bach, vote for John Kerry


Dear all,


These days I am getting thousands of letters and many of them are with the question about our election in the United States. My views are clear even from the previous election, which I do consider an interpretation of democracy and not justice. And why is that so, you may ask. Because Supreme Court Judges are not elected but appointed. They are not the will of the people. 5:4 decision is unacceptable for any outcome. And interference from federal government to that local state government. Voting should be repeated under the scrutiny of both parties. 


These are my reasons why will I vote for John Kerry to become US president. And he will.


1. His role in 1991 when Croatia needed a voice in the US Senate.John Kerry was not voting popular vote with previous Bush administration, but according to principals of justice. Not a narrow interest of the few, but broad interest of majority of the people who suffered an enormous injustice, genocide and I do not need to go further. George Bush senior and his administration literary helped genocide that has been happening to my people. James Baker. Lawrence Eagleburger. I am still waiting for some competent authority to open that book of corruption, political fraud and plain lying to the American citizens. Embargo on victims? And you are talking about family values. Where are the 200.000 families that lost loved ones? Where are they? Who will take responsibility for Vukovar, Skabrnja, Srebrenica, Sarajevo?

So far non of the Bush administration did. We are still waiting, till we cannot wait anymore. The same administration DID NOT recognize Croatia, while we were bleeding to death. They just waited, till we die and then they would proclaim the winner and the "real politics" of - there where no strategic reasons to go into the war. Reality was and is exactly opposite. That administration failed miserably. Miserably. It makes me sick in my stomach when I think of all the fatherless and motherless children of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. And the brutal, inhuman way of innocent victims death. Where was George Bush at that time? I know where John Kerry was at that time. Him, Joseph Biden and few others where our friends. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT.


2. John Kerry is a competent man with a manners and intelligence of a world leader. Someone who can and will lead us into a more secure and better future. Man with class, with wife who can do a lot of good for all of us because of their world vision and competence. It's must not be easy to run for president. Only few could. Kerry can handle it.

I'll spear you my comment about Bush's manners and the rest.


3. Instead of dodging draft for Vietnam. John Kerry enrolled himself voluntarily. Bush and Cheney did exactly opposite. And they dare to coordinate Swift Boat fantasies.


4. Now on Bush record in the last 4 years. Disaster is the only quick response. Longer one - Environment and the laws that have been in progress from Kyoto to better engine-pollution law to Alaska to anything around us - everything went backwards. On his account 9-11 happened. Yes, you can argue that the previous administration didn't do enough, but the fact is. They had an information about the possibility of the attack and they IGNORED IT. No if or buts. They didn't do enough to protect us. When it happened, the whole world embraced us in a sympathy that humans have for the "underdog" - it whatever you want, but people around the world stood in silence and send so much love to our country, that we have never seen it before. So, now from the moment that people of the world supported us and our policies - to the moment that the world is voting on ousting our president... you got to be a monkey to do that. You got to be so bad politician, so incompetent communicator, so uneducated man, so arrogant that the world have never seen anything like this before. UN,  that is not my favorite place of competence but still an institution that exist and should exist, sat in silence when our president addressed General Assembly. That never happened in the history of this organization. Fiscally, from surplus budget to history high deficit, by sending few hundreds dollars to an average American family and the rest of the wealth to the most rich ones. And that is the plan for economic recovery? Outsourcing jobs and letting out middle class shrink? You must be kidding. Thousands of young man and woman died already for the oil? And oil prices are higher then ever? Yes, you and I are paying for it.


5. Now, why would Iran, North Korea and Serbia be for ?

It is a simple answer to that. While we went to wrong country for wrong reasons, Iran got nuclear arms as well as North Korea did. They need such president in our White House. They love it. Why do Serbs vote for Bush? That IS their ally.


Not Croatian ally for sure. Not mine either.



Nenad Bach

                                                                                New York, USA October 28, 2004


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