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Dino Zonić

Edin Dino Zonic

Maestro Edin Dino Zonic is the composer, conductor and
director of numerous productions through out Europe
and the United States. Currently, he is forming a New
World Philharmonic Orchestra, representing Unity Through Music.
Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Maestro Zonic was impacted greatly by the ravages of
war waged within his country. He rose from that war to
become The Balkans most prominent composer and
director, creating deeply emotional, highly kinetic,
and powerfully dynamic musical works. Since then he
has dedicated himself to the service of life affirming
music that bridges cultural, national and religious
barriers to bring the universal message of peace and
hope to all people.
As the Cultural Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Maestro Zonic was invited to continue his mission in
the Dayton Peace Accords Project as music director,
composer in residence and Cultural Ambassador. For the
Accords and Dayton Peace Prize he composed music and
directed numerous events. Symphony Entrata, was
composed in honor of the first recipient of the Dayton
Peace Prize, William Jefferson Clinton.
Performing at concert halls, festivals and theaters
through out Europe and the United States, Maestro
Zonic's work and his mission of unity have been
recognized and praised by His Holiness Pope John Paul
II, the Dalai Lama, President Clinton and other world

Realizing the universal power of music, Maestro Zonic
devoted himself to promoting unity and peace through
music around the world. He recently triumph -anted in
international productions and peace concerts which
successfully secured funds and supplies for the
numerous musical and educational institutions.

Maestro Zonic is currently preparing a series of Unity
and Peace concerts throughout the World including: New
York, Jerusalem, Amman, Dubai, Sarajevo, and Los
The Composer, a film based on his life is presently
in pre-production.

Articles by this Author
» Reclaiming the lost harmony of the world: CROWN goes behind Golden Karma Awards, with winner Dino Zonic
By Dino Zonić | Published 12/10/2006 | Culture And Arts , Awards , Charity | Unrated

Reclaiming the lost harmony of the world is our mission . We are presenting gala concerts worldwide, celebrating the spirit of life, which will symbolize a unique, magnificent and unifying message for the world. Music is our deepest connection and most powerful tool of unity and peace among all people. It gives a voice to our deepest sorrows while opening our hearts to forgiveness.

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