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Croatians in America - photo collection by Vladimir Novak, part 2
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  03/20/2008 | People , History , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Croatian Energy, page 8

The fifty storey granite Southwestern Bell Headquarters in downtown St. Louis (in the center of the picture) was built in 1983 by John Klarich Contracting Company. Since 1951 His Contracting Comapny has built over 120 buildings. John Klarić was born near Drivenik, Croatia.

John Klarić, born near Drivenik in Croatia

Croatian Moslems came to America in great numbers much like their Christian brethren. Some came prior to the Frist World War, others afterwards, and many came after World War II in search of jobs and freedom. With the increase in numbers, they established their religious and cultural centers, like the Islamic Cultural Center, 1810 N. Phingsten Road, Northbrook, Illinois, near Chicago. Pictured at the center are Muharem Yulfich, left, Ekrem Spahich, and Idris Ibragovich following a service at the mosque.

Text by Ekrem Spahich, USA, founder of the Croatian Philatelic Society.

Gravestone marked M.P.O. (Muslimanska Potporna Organizacija or Moslem Benevolent Organization "Džemijtul Hajrije"), organized in August 1916, is still active today, and is headed by industrialist Ilijaš Zenkich of Chicago. Bosnian Moslems built Croatian Islamic Center in Toronto. They share mosques with Moslems of other nationalities in Cleveland, New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Text by Ekrem Spahich.


Two grave markers at the Gary, Indiana Moslem Cemetery located at Oak Hall on 45th Avenue.

The end of Part 2


Formated for CROWN by Darko Žubrinić
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by george krovich)

    my mother was born in pisorvina, married my on his trip to yugoslavia in 1930. he came here at age 16 and worked in the mines in pennyslvania for 47 years and died from blacl lung. i am the only one left from my family. i had a brother that died at 17 in 1951. i enjoyed looking at your pictures. i also saw my mothers home town since i never went to see her family. thank you george krovich
  • Comment #2 (Posted by shireen nalley)

    if this is the nalley family please get in contact with me.575-218-2553
  • Comment #3 (Posted by lovinac)

    Just a comment on Ek Spahich's commentary...The Croatian Islamic Centre in Toronto was built by Croatians of the Islamic faith and not by "Bosnians", hence the former name, Croatian Islamic Centre. This project was also realized thanks in large part to financial support from various Croatian catholic parishes throughout North America as well as their parishioners.
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Daniele)

    i'm looking for Babare clan. i'm building the genealogist tree from my grandmother Luci, born in 1921 in Hvar and her family
  • Comment #5 (Posted by Dalmazio Babare)

    My sisters name is Lucj or Lucja - my mother named the first daughter born after my fathers mother
    Lucja Babare (she died Zadar)
  • Comment #6 (Posted by Allen Petrich)

    I am a grandson of Martin (Marin) A. Petrich from Starigrad who came with his parents (Juraj/George Petrich & Catherine Budrovich of Hvar) to the US in 1887. I am working on a history of shipyards and boatbuilding on the West Coast of the US centered on the Northwest and the Dalmatian families of Babare (Hvar), Martinolich (Losinj), Skansich/Skansie (US spelling), Petrich (Starigrad), Martinac (Brac) and, in Los Angeles, Rados. The developed the purse seine fishing boat.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who would lie contact.

    Allen Petrich:
  • Comment #7 (Posted by Brandie Lynn Bailey - Haining)

    Toni Bailey was my grandmother
  • Comment #8 (Posted by Melissa Robles-Dyer)

    I am the Granddaughter of Gloria (Tony) Bailey. We just found out this past Labor Day, that she is celebrated during Roslyn Coal Miner Days. We plan to be inattendance for the festivities in 2015.
  • Comment #9 (Posted by Mary Moon)

    My grandfather was George M Karamatic. He played the e flat clarinet in the band.
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