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(E) World, Wake Up
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/9/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) World, Wake Up


World, Wake Up

I, Radenko Fanuka, the author of Reflections: Personalizing Life, Nature, Man and God, was born on March 19, 1939, during the unspeakable days of World War II. The whole wide world woke up too late.
World, wake up. You are knocking on the wrong door. I ask myself, “Has the world learned anything yet?” The word “smart” advanced it-self too far and left wounded nature behind. World, place your hand on the Bible and tell your innocent children the truth. Whom haven’t you yet opposed? For a brief period of time, you laughed, and then with a full belly, you quickly fell asleep.
World, you won. There is no one from the entire field of nature who can directly fight back against the human race. But can nature help us? How? Yesterday, when the sun reached its highest peak in the sky, the cold lizard barely crawled out from his hole. My friend warned me, “Don’t take your shirt off.” The lizard overheard this and began to cry and so did I. World, please tell me, “Where can I stand underneath the sky free and without fear?” World, with one foot you did not move and with the other you slipped far. ONE exists against all nature, ONE against WHOM? The door of the 21st century is open. Future days are predictable but not impossible.
There are two hungry words on the run from the dictionary. The world must gather together and stop one word from running and the other word will not move. Just like always, it will wait for the last big bite. We humans around the world, always had and still have the power, which we don’t often use, to help ourselves. Let’s start praying for one another. Soldiers around this world will come home. For every woman and mother, an early morning sun will rise. Peace between humans, just like wild grass in the early spring, will begin to grow. God is good. His creation doesn’t ask for a better word. The word GOOD will work. It will not put anyone down. It will truly help all children around the world, in their homes and in their schools. It will help the rich and the poor.
World, always keep in mind that humans, and the rest of nature’s creatures, are made and connected, just like a spider’s web. No matter where and how it is touched, the entire web will shake. My message to the whole world is:

Radenko Fanuka
7515 194st
Flushing NY 11366

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