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(E) Croatians in Italian Concentration Camps
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/5/2004 | History | Unrated
(E) Croatians in Italian Concentration Camps


Croatians in Italian Concentration Camps

The following story discusses a recent book published in Italy which
discusses Italian concentration camps whose victims primarily consisted
of Croats and Slovenes. It appeared in the February 6, 2004 edition of
Vjesnik. John Kraljic

Corriere della Sera: Fascists Camps in Croatia - a Stain of Italy

Rome, February 5. Camps which Italian occupation forces raised in
Croatia during the Second World War have been called a stain on Italy by
Corriere della Sera.
In its Thursday edition, the newspaper dedicated an entire page to the
book "The Duce's Camps" which describes fascist camps in Croatia and
Italy in which Croats and Slovenes were imprisoned. The book went on
sale on Thursday.
Author Carlo Spartaco Capogreco collected information concerning the
camps of Italian fascists in Italy and abroad for over 20 years and has
now published a book which shows, as Corriere della Sera writes, that
"the Italians were not really as good in history as they have attempted
to portray."
On the Dalmatian coast, Italian fascists had camps on Rab where Croats
and Slovenes from Rijeka, Slovenia and the northern Adriatic were
imprisoned. They also had a camp in Molat for central Dalmatia and in
Mamula and Prevlaka for the southern Adriatic. Another 5 camps for
Croats and Slovenes were built in Italy, in Ginar and Visco in the
Venezia-Giulia region, Monigo and Chiesanuova in Veneto, and Renicci in
Tuscany. "For Slovenes and Croats, who made up the bulk of the
internees in the camps, it was a true hell on earth [and] which meant
[for them] their complete liquidation," wrote the newspaper. In
researching through European and Italian archives, Capogreco created "a
picture of the horrors of fascist Italy. [His work is [characterized]
by the quality and depth of his research." He spent years looking for
the locations or remains of the camps.
Among other things, Correire della Sera writes that "thanks to his work,
one can reconstruct the history of the Duce's concentration camps,
concerning which he made a complete catalogue in the second half of the
book, and thus end the amnesia of the 'good Italian.'" (AR/Hina).

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