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(E) Famous Croatian Photographer looking for a Book Publisher
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/13/2006 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Famous Croatian Photographer looking for a Book Publisher


Croatian Photographer looking for a Book Publisher



My name is Zoran Orlic, I am a Chicago based music photographer.
I have been photographing a band called The Frames for 10 years now, and am very anxious to release a photo book from the library I have accumulated, with hopes to be published this year.

The Frames are only second to U2 in their native Ireland.

Now is time to publish their first book through my eyes and words.
This book must be a high-end finished product similar to:
Anton Corbijn’s “U2&I�:
Hard cover, coated images, fine paper etc…

The book’s written portion is finalized and edited, along with important contributing authors from the Chicago music scene. The images are finalized, organized and chaptered. My designers can either complete the design or I can work with a publisher’s designers.

More information regarding publicity and book release party information is available upon request. Links to images will also be available to serious candidates.

Any leads, ideas or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks for your time,

Zoran Orlic
ZeroStudio : Photography 
1. 630. 452. 2663

Zoran Orlic 2002

2006 is the year of The Frames.

This is a document of one fan's experience with a band so beloved in its native Ireland that the world will have no choice but to stand up and take notice. Photographer Zoran Orlic traveled to Ireland 10 years ago to meet the then-fledging band after months of playing pen pal with frontman Glen Hansard. Since then Orlic has been allowed unfettered access to the band on tour and in the studio. While traditional concert photos can be taken by anyone with a digital camera and uploaded onto the Internet, Orlic's camera has been the so-called fourth wall in the areas where fans are off limits.

Orlic was tour manager for The Frames' first headlining tour of the U.S. in the fall of 2002. With 29 gigs scheduled in 33 days, the band zigzagged the country in a small van with Orlic snapping photos of a serious musical force in action, a road weary band in need of a bed, just being themselves.

The connection between The Frames and Chicago was cemented when they recorded "For the Birds" with legendary producer Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio. Those sessions yielded a critically acclaimed album and an unbreakable bond with Albini. In never-before-seen photos, readers will see a side of The Frames previously kept under wraps and rare shots of an enigmatic producer in action. Fans have heard the fruits of those recordings and now they will have a chance to see The Frames sweat and bleed their way through the creative process. The Frames returned to Electrical Audio to record part of "Burn the Maps" again with Orlic in tow.

Pictures from the early years and personal glimpses provide the book with comedic relief as the lads in turn pose with horn-rimmed glasses and show off their mid-90s fashions. Orlic's anecdotes and memories from these events accompany the photos giving readers a true sense of what life is like as a member of this band.

This book will appeal to the same range of people who purchase concert tickets, wearable band merchandise and magazines with The Frames on the cover. It's no secret that The Frames have a fiercely loyal, somewhat obsessive following that travel from county to county to see them perform live. This book not only gives an unadulterated look into the heart of the band, but the soul as well. All of Ireland can get an inside look at The Frames in the States. A must-have addition to any serious Frames fan's collection, this book will also be marketed to the uninitiated curious as to what all the fuss is about.

Competition is non-existent since Orlic is the only photographer to cover the band in the U.S. and from an early starting period in the mid-90s. The band is anxious for the public to have a chance to see behind the scenes and is supportive of the endeavor, although they are adamant that this be an independent project.

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