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(H,E) Players Needed For Baseball and Ice Hockey -Scholarships
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/27/2002 | Education | Unrated
(H,E) Players Needed For Baseball and Ice Hockey -Scholarships
Naj stariji Hrvatski klub 'HASK' iz Zagreba HITNO trazi igrace za BASEBALL i 
HOKEJ NA LEDU (muske i zenske) za nastupe u Hrvatskim ligama i u 
medjunarodnoj konkurenciji. Ako zelite studirati klubovi ce osigurati 
smjestaj, hranu i SKROMNI dzeparac. U trecem tjednu lipnja BASEBALL igra 
Europsku ligu u Madridu, Spanjolska. Trebamo PITCHER-a i dobrog BATTER-a! 
The oldest Croatian club in Zagreb, HASK, is urgently searching for baseball 
and ice hockey players (both men and women) to play in the Croatian leagues 
and in international competition. If you wish to play, the clubs will handle 
accomodations, food and a small stipend. Our baseball teap will be playing 
in the European leage in Madrid, Spain, in the third week of April. We need 
a pitcher and good batter. 
For more information contact: 
CroNetwork: The Croatian-American Organization for Young Professionals. 
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by jadranka novak)

    can you send me some more info on ice hockey players needed.. thank you
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