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Tony Butala the lead singer of THE LETTERMEN is of Croatian descent
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  12/15/2021 | Music | Unrated
Tony Butala solos and interviews

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, The Lettermen - Tony Butala

Tony Butala of The Lettermen - interview in 20213


Serenaded by the legend--Tony Butala of The Lettermen,Famous Filipino kundiman song..." Dahil Sa'yo "

The Lettermen "I Believe-Manila"; Mark Preston, Tony Butala and Donovan Tea perform
one of their classic hits at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines.

Butala Vineyards

Tony Butala at Croation Club, Farrell, Pennsylvania, singing Marijana in Croatian

The Lettermen "Unchained Melody"

Maria - The Lettermen - Tony Butala

The Lettermen - Tony Butala

The Lettermen "Where or When" remastered


"Dahil Sa Iyo" (Because Of You) with Tony Batula of Iconic ‘The Lettermen’…

Lettermen - You'll Never Walk Alone

What Can I Give You This Christmas / Bobby San Juan; written by Tony Butala

Lettermen: Hawaiian Wedding song Solo: Tony Butala

The Lettermen - Music of Goodbye

Morning Girl - Featuring Tony Butala, singing in the Philippines


Morning Girl-The Lettermen, Tony Butala singing

Lettermen: The Days of Wine and Roses solo: Tony Butala

The Lettermen Anata solo: Tony Butala singing in Japanese

The Lettermen sing National Anthem's, 1980 World Series Philadelphia & Kansas City baseball game 5

The Lettermen - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Behind-the-Scenes with The Lettermen - Extended Interview

The Lettermen - Tony Butala Interview

The Lettermen Hawaiian Wedding Song solo: Tony Butala remastered

I can see clearly now / You are the Sunshine of my Life: The Lettermen solo:
Tony Butala, From the 1975 album "Live in Japan"

Dr. T. Sings with Tony Butala (The Letterman) at Mike Grgich 93rd Birthday celebration;
since 2:36 singing Tri plame na otoku sreće - Croatian song, and then Marijana

The Lettermen "I Want solo": Tony Butala remastered and re-posted

The Lettermen do each vocal part to "When I Fall In Love" a cappella on TV

Tony Butala of The Lettermen on The Bump & Grind!

Tony Butala of The Lettermen Interview on The Paul Leslie Hour

Tony Butala singing National Anthem Hermitage in 2012

The Lettermen on TV sing "I BELIEVE" A Cappella 1979

"Mary's Little Boy Child" by The Lettermen feat. Tony Butala (1967 remastered 2009)

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