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Ante Glibota 1945-2020 distinguished Croatian patriot and historian of art and architecture
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  08/29/2020 | Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Organizer of exhibitions in Croatia, France, China, S. Korea, Australia, Japan, USA, Germany,...

Ante Glibota on the right, awarding Lee Yong, a Chinese expert in chronic disease rehabilitation, with a diploma
of a member of the Academy Europaea Institute, Paris, in 2019. Source CRI (Chinese Radio International).
Mr. Glibota was a vicepresident of the Academy. On the left Mr. Pi Zheng Qing, a member of the Academy.

Ante Glibota and Nenad Bach

Ante Glibota and Nenad Bach, guests of the Croatian TV in 2017

Mr. Ante Glibota, born in the town of Slivno in 1945, distinguished Croatian patriot and intellectual, passed away in Paris in 2020. He was one of three vicepresidents of the prestigious Academy Europaea Institute, Paris.

According to the data provided by Mr. Glibota himself in 2017, during his appearance at the Croatian TV, his opus consists among others of

  • about 220 books and catalogues published in some 15 languages (more than hundred of them in China only)
  • about 550 large exhibitions throughout the world (for example, his Exhibition of Chicago Architecture was seen globally, and at the end by city of Chicago, where it was attended by a million and 100 thousand visitors)
  • about 30 documentary films
  • a large number of articles
  • numerous conferences organized at various universities and national academies.

(The above figures are, no doubt, even greater, due to his indefatiguable and prolific work which extended also during the last three years of his life.)

His achievements are all the more impressive in the light of the fact that as a young person he spent two years in ex-Yugoslav communist prison (1972-1974).

In 2004, the China International Culture Exchange Center (CICEC) in Beijing appointed Mr. Ante Glibota, Croatian historian of art and architecture, for a fiveyear term as Foreign Counselor for International Cultural Exchanges. Since 2010 he serves as Vice-President and Curator-in-Chief of the Museum of Art and Urbanity in Shanghai, China. He was appointed curator and editor of "Art and Sport", an exhibition organized by Adidas and the International Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, China.

In the Year 2019, Ante Glibota was appointed as the Honorary Chairman of the World UAV Drone Federation, Shenzhen, China.

Here we cite Vlado Gotovac (1930-2000), distinguished Croatian writer (and a former president of Matrix Croatica - Society of Croatian Writers), about some of the basic qualities of Ante Glibota:

  • exceptional energy
  • the ability to do something that seems impossible
  • mental freshness.

The project of Europa-Hrvatska (Europe-Croatia, also called the "Supicic project"), by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU), has been initated by Ante Glibota (according to his personal information).

More details about some of the activities of Mr. Ante Glibota, mostly dealing with arts and architecture, can be seen via related articles provided near the end of this web page.

We express our sincere condolences to the family of Ante Glibota.

See Matrix Croatica (Hrvatska matica iseljenika) for a more detailed information, in Croatian

Ante Glibota and Nenad Bach on the right with Luka Krilić, Zdravko Basarić (= Patrick Hughes) on the left, and Branimir Bilić in the middle

Ante Glibota and Nenad Bach with Branimir Bilić at the Croatian TV

Mr. Ante Glibota is the author of an extensive monograph about Otto Piene. Mr. Glibota is also the author of two new books about Otto Piene.

Fantastic monograph by Mr Ante Glibota, Croatian art critic and historian of art, about Zhou Yingchao, distinguished Chinese artist.
The monograph has been printed in Bejing in English and Chinese in 2011, issued by DELIGHT PUBLISHER LTD.
Many thanks to Mr. Ante Glibota for permission to use the photos of his books on this page.
372 pp, format: 31 x 24.5 cm

Ante Glibota, ballerina, and Zhou Yingchao, who painted her.
Photo from the monograph of Mr. Ante Glibota, on this web with permission of the author.
By the way, did you know that Croatian ballerina Mia Slavenska,
was one of the greatest in the 20th century.

Vladimir Mihaljek, Mladen Pavković, Ante Glibota, Ante Žužul, Anja Šovagović Despot
in Hrvatsko slovo cultural center, in the building of the National and University Library, Zagreb, 30th November 2012.
Mr. Glibota was honoured by a special recoginition for his international promotion of Croatian culture,
awarded by the the NGO of Defenders, Invalids and Widows of Croatian Homeland War 1991-1995,
directed by Mr. Mladen Pavković, Podravka, town of Koprivnica.

Signs of Croatian Statehood, by Mr. Ante Glibota,
covered with glagolitic letters from the Baska Tablet from 11th century.

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