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» (H,E) U Hrvatskoj ne postoji mogucnost skolovanja u fotografiji
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 01/24/2006 | Questions | Unrated
U Hrvatskoj ne postoji mogucnost skolovanja u fotografijiStruktura podrske talentiranima?Postovani, Moje je ime Danko Malek, i trenutno sam zaposlen kao ugovorni djelatnik za DoD.Molio bih vas za pomoc, da me ako mozete uputite na pravu adresu ili link ili osobu koja bi mi mogla odgovoriti na pitanje - postoji li zaklada koja pomaze studiranje hrvatskih studenanta u inozemstvu? Molim vas za trenutak da pojasnim situaciju:Pisem Vam u zelji da pomo
» (E) Searching for Croatian Directory
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 08/20/2005 | Questions | Unrated
 Searching for Croatian DirectoryDear Reader:In light of your organizations extensive contacts, I hope that you may be able to help me. A few years ago, I saw a Croatian directory of Croatians and Croatian businesses in the US and Canada. I have been trying to find a current copy of this directory, but I haven't had any luck. I don't remember who published it, but I would be interested in buying a copy of that directory. I would appreciate a
» (E) Looking for the CD and music score of 'Nikola Subic Zrinski'
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 07/21/2005 | Questions | Unrated
 Looking for the CD and music score of  'Nikola Subic Zrinski'Dear SirI am a conductor of male chorus in Tokyo and we are singing the "U Boj!" which is a chorus in the Opera "Nikola Subica Zrinjskog"I am looking for the CD and music score of this opera. Fullorchestral score is all right. If do you have any information aboutmy wish, please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you.Kunimasa Katayama6-7-3 Fukuda,Yamato-sh
» (E) Anybody traveling to Croatia from New York?
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 07/7/2005 | Questions | Unrated
 Anybody traveling to Croatia from New York? If anybody travels from New York to Croatia in the next day or two, please email me at  Thank you,Nenad 
» (E) Is a car essential to visit Dalmatian Coast?
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 05/29/2005 | Questions | Unrated
  Is a car essential, or is public transportation adequate?Travel Q & APosted on Sun, May. 29, 2005 Q. We're traveling to Slovenia and Croatia to see Ljubljana, the Julian Alps area and the Dalmatian Coast. Is a car essential, or is public transportation adequate?Jim Luini, OrindaA. Although there's a convenience factor when you leave the driving to someone else, you're probably better off visiting both countries by rental car.That's not to say
» (E) What are the legal consequences if you call an inocent man a war criminal?
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 05/9/2005 | Questions | Unrated
 What are the legal consequences if you call an innocent man a war criminal? Nenad Bach Solana: EU's Decision on Croatia Depends on UN By Cihan News Agency Published: Monday 11, 2005 The European Union (EU) will decide according to the United Nations (UN) Criminal Tribunal decision about Zagreb according to the Union's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) Javier Solana.Solana in an intervi

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