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» (E) Mira Seljuga of Seattle, native of Croatia, on NPR
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/5/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
 America's National Public Radio is doing a series on Roosevelt High School in Seattle. Yesterday, they aired episode no. 5 which focused on the the school's lunchroom, whose head chef is Mira Segula of Croatia. Set forth below is an abridged transcript. The story itself (which I had heard) interviewed her for a bit and contained more information about her. Those wishing to listen to the story can do so at&nbs
» (E) Online Post Office
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/5/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated 
» (E) Croatian Philatelic Society
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/3/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
First Postage Stamp of the Republic Of Croatia September 9, 1991 Philatelic SocietyP.O. Box 696Fritch, Texas 79036-0696tel;fax:806-273-5600tel;home:806-857-0129tel;work:806-273-5609CPS Founder: Ekrem Spahich E-mail: The CPS is a non-profit organization devoted to the study and exchange of information on Croatian and related postal issues, postal history and numismatics. The spe
» (E) Seeking house to rent on the Croatian coast
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/2/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
 My family and I are interested in renting a house on the Croatian coast this summer, probably around July 15 to August 15, maybe a little bit longer. We are mainly interested in staying in Brac (Bol or surrounding areas) and/or the Makarska Riviera. We are also open to hearing about houses for rent in other areas on the southern Dalmatian coast (Split and below).  If anyone has a house to rent, knows of som
» (E) Baxter covers settlements in Croatia
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/29/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
  Thursday March 28, 11:33 am Eastern Time BusinessWeek Online Baxter's Harry Kraemer: "I Don't Golf"  Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr. was on his way to another boffo year as chairman and CEO of Baxter Intl. (NYSE:BAX-news) last summer when the reports of deaths started coming in. Virtually overnight, 11 people in Spain died after undergoing kidney dialysis using a blood filter made by Baxter. Then, a few w
» (H,E) Glas Koncila predstavlja marku Kardinala Kuharica
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/25/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
  Glas Koncila presents a new stamp of Cardinal FranjoKuharic  
» (E) Easter Orders and Janica Kostelic posters
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/22/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
 We Can Ship Easter Orders and Have Them to You by Easter! Just a quick note to let you know what we have left in stock for Easter:  -3 yellow hand-decorated eggs from Zagreb that can be personalized!  -3 intricately-designed bees’ wax, blown goose eggs!  -15 Croatian Easter Bunnies!  -2 yellow, 5 green, and 3 red, hand-painted Kalosca eggs from Hungary!  To see photographs of these
» (E) Blessed Augustin Kazotic is tying us to the world
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/17/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
  Translated (with generosity, op-ed) by Marko Puljic.  Blessed Augustin Kazotic Kazotic is connecting us to the world   The Croatian Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp with the likeness of Blessed Augustin Kazotic in its philatelic series of famous Croatians. The stamp's designer is Orsat Frankovic   Zagreb, March 5 - postage stamp with the image of Blessed Augustin Kazoti
» (E) The Philately Oscar to Croatian Stamp
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 03/17/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
HRVATSKI ISELJENICKI ZBORNIK 2002.CROATIAN EMIGRANT ALMANAC 2002ANUARIO PARA LA EMIGRACION CROATA 2002The Flowering of Croatian PhilatelyThe Croatian stamp "One Hundred Years of Croatian Writers' Association" wasawarded this year (2001) the Philately Oscar as the best stamp in the worldfor the year 2000. The competition was carried out by the PhilatelyAssociation of the seven Venetian communities of Asiago (Italy). Thanks tothe young stamp de

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