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(E) Blessed Augustin Kazotic is tying us to the world
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/17/2002 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
(E) Blessed Augustin Kazotic is tying us to the world
Translated (with generosity, op-ed) by Marko Puljic. 
Blessed Augustin Kazotic Kazotic is connecting us to the world 
The Croatian Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp with the likeness of Blessed 
Augustin Kazotic in its philatelic series of famous Croatians. The stamp's designer is 
Orsat Frankovic 
Zagreb, March 5 - postage stamp with the image of Blessed Augustin Kazotic, Bishop of 
Zagreb and the first beatified Croatian was introduced Tuesday at the city of Zagreb 
grandstand. The stamp is being issued for the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of 
the beatification of Augustin Kazotic in a year dedicated to this great Dominican from 
Trogir, elightener and protector of the poor. The Croatian Post Office has issued the 
stamp as part of its philatelic series of famous Croatians. The author of this and five 
other stamps is Orsat Frankovic from Dubrovnik, and the stamp's value will be 3.50 Kunas. 
"The first beatified Croatian, after centuries of waiting has gotten his first parish in 
Zagreb's Volovica neighborhood and with this stamp are again sending him on his way. In 
this way Blessed Augustin Kazotic will again tie us to the world," stated Fr. Frano Prcela, 
Provincial of the Croatian Dominican Province in his introduction. Msgr. Vlado Kosic, 
assistant Bishop of Zagreb and president of the Board commemorating the anniversary of 
Blessed Augustin Kazotic, thanked the Croatian Post Office for including Blessed Augustin 
Kazotic in their series of famous Croatians and the Croatian Dominican Province, and stated 
that 2003 will mark the 700th anniversary of Kazotic's ordination as Bishop of Zagreb. 
Fr. Nedjeljko Dominik Sliskovic, a great admirer of Blessed Augustin Kazotic spoke of the 
European aspect of the first beatified Croatian, stressed and that Kazotic is a great man 
in Croatian history who lives with us even today. Academician Josip Bratulic spoke about 
the ideological decision of the postage stamp. 
Sandra V. Antic, Vjesnik, Wednesday March 6, 2002. 
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