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ChessQuire is a new game created by Zarko Svatovic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/13/2009 | People | Unrated
New Game in town. CHESSQUIRE created by Žarko Svatović

ChessQuire is an expanded Chess Game played on ten by ten, 100 squares board (instead of classic 64 squares).

The new game introduces one new type of chess piece named “Esquire”: four of them in total; two Esquire on each side of the board, belonging to the two opposing sets of pieces. There are also extra four pawns on the board, two on each side.

Esquire, can be seen as a cross breed between a Knight and a Bishop. In its movement and reach Esquire is similar to a Knight, hopping over one field while moving two squares at a time. Esquire moves are bound to single color squares, in that respect like it is with Bishops.

The classic game rules apply to ChessQuire game as directed by FIDE, the Global Chess Federation, with small adjustments/exceptions made to those rules in consideration of the larger board, added pieces and new circumstances: changes to the rules are explained in detail under Rules.

The design goal of ChessQuire game and its main perceived achievement is that, within the newly introduced expanded framework, the new game preserves the integrity, simplicity and elegance of the classic game.

There is no learning curve in adapting ChessQuire game. Any chess player with basic understanding of the classical game can start playing the game right away. No significantly new concepts or moves were introduced.

My hope is that the ChessQuire will spur an innovation and creativity in the play not seen in centuries. The need for innovations, in regard to the new game, becomes inescapable since all the specifics of the well-known and studied solutions of the classical game, such as openings, endings, overall strategies . etc, become obsolete even though not irrelevant with the introduction of the new game. It is expected that new strategies and learning shall grow out of the knowledge and experience of the classic game, the experiences and knowledge of which stay very much applicable.

Since the number of combinations with the introduction of ChessQuire increased immeasurably, I expect that the title of the world champion will be returned from computers back into domain of human players and stay there for some time to come.

Created by Zarko Svatovic

Recommended by Catherine Hiller.

Formated for CROWN by Nenad N. Bach
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