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Ivan Saric of Croatia European Chess Champion for 2018
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  03/29/2018 | Sports , Education | Unrated
Ivan Šarić is the winner among 302 chess players from 34 countries, including 135 Grand Masters

Ivan Šarić, European Chess Champion for 2018, with his wife Zrinka Deur, also a chess player. Photo from Zadarski list.

Summary. Croatian chess player Ivan Šarić (27) won the European title for 2018 in Georgia, during the European Chess Championships organized in the city of Batumi. Along with the European title of Zvonko Kožul in 2006, this is the greatest success of Croatian chess. He won the title of Under 18 World Youth Chess Champion in 2008. He holds a notable victory over the world champion Magnus Carlsen, which he achieved at the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Norway.

Gary Kasparov: Congrats from Split to my young Croatian compatriot Ivan Saric, for his big win in the European Championship! And he did in style with a last-round win. Čestitam na osvojenom prvom mjestu!

European Chess Chempionship refers not only to the countries of the EU (European Union), but includes also Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia (where the 2018 Championship was held), Azerbaijan, Armenia, Trukey and Israel. This fact makes the success of Ivan Šarić even more impressive.

Ivan Šarić is 2018 European Champion

Ivan Šarić, European Chess Champion for 2018. Photo by Sophie Nikoladze

3/29/2018 - Overshadowed by the Candidates tournament held in Berlin, the European Championship was still the fascinating event it has always been, with a field that is absurdly rich in grandmasters and titled players. This hard-fought affair brought many famous names, but it all went down to the wire with Ivan Saric emerging the sole victor in a huge win over David Navara in the last round.

Written by Albert Silver


Ivan Šarić is the winner among 302 chess players from 34 countries, among them 135 Grand Masters.
Here we present the list of 20 most successful players. Source.

Proclamation of the winner of the 2018 European Chess Championship in Georgia.

The winner Ivan Šarić, Croatia, the 2nd place Wojtaszek Radoslaw, Poland (on the right of Ivan),
and the 3rd place Sjugirov Sanan, Russian Federation (on the left of Ivan).

Ivan Šarić vs Magnus Carlsen 1-0
Chess Olympiad (2014), Tromso, Norway

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