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Composer Margareta Jeric to perform at the University of Montreal on April 5, 2008
By Ratimir Mocnaj | Published  03/28/2008 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
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Margareta Jeric performs in Montreal

 Margareta Jeric
A great beginning for the young composer Margareta Jeric. In winning the 2007 OUM Competition, her work "Upload" will be performed on April 5th at 7:30pm under the conduct of Jean-François Rivest. The concert is part of a series dedicated to Claude Vivier and will take place at Claude-Champagne Hall on 200 Vincent-d’Indy.

Margareta Jeric first began her musical training at the age of five at the Zagreb School of Music in her native Croatia. After having moved to Canada, she started off with piano lessons at the McGill Music Conservatory. Various prizes and grants were awarded to her throughout her studies at Pierre-Laporte and Vincent-d’Indy, which led her ultimately to a degree in music theory at the University of Montreal. Pursuing her training as a pianist under Gilles Manny, she discovered the world of contemporary music and is now fully dedicated to it. She emerged from a Master’s degree in composition under Alan Belkin with the First Prize of the OUM Competition with her piano concerto. She was also commissioned to compose a work for orchestra. "Upload" is dedicated to her mentor and friend, Professor Michel Longtin.

Miss. Margareta Jeric is preparing a Doctorate under the guidance of Professors Ana Sokolovic and Robert Normandeau. She also teaches piano at the Vincent-d’Indy Music School and frequently travels to Europe for the study of languages and German literature.

"Upload", a work in a single movement, springs from a four note motif, which through its various transformations, gives us the two main themes as well as the basic harmonic structure of the piece. With two calm and meditative sections creating a contrast at the heart of the piece, "Upload" is largely an animated, unbridled and spirited work.

Saturday April 5th 2008, 7:30 pm

VIVIER1 + MAHLER5 - The University of Montréal Orchestra- under the direction of Jean-François Rivest

As part of the "Homage to Claude Vivier of Montreal" - New music series.


- Margareta Jeric : Upload, new work

- Vivier : Lonely Child (soloist : Kripa Nageshwar, soprano)

- Mahler : Symphony no 5

University of Montreal Music Faculty, 220 avenue Vincent-d'Indy, Claude-Champagne Hall. Cost : $12, $10 (seniors), free (students).

ADMISSION Ticket Office: 514-790-1245

Telephone : 514 343-6427

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