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(E) Brenda Brkusic on TV this Sunday Dec 21
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/18/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Brenda Brkusic on TV this Sunday Dec 21


Brenda Brkusic on TV

Brenda Brkusic directing actors on location at Lepoglava Prison in Croatia for the filming of

"Freedom from Despair."

Just reminding CROWN readers that Croatian American filmmaker Brenda Brkusic is going to be featured on PBS TV in California next Sunday the 21st. If you have a chance to see it please do. This is a GREAT accomplishment by any Croatian filmmaker. Period.


"Freedom from Despair"

Published on CROWN at

Croatian American filmmaker Brenda Brkusic
will be featured on PBS, Dec 21 2003
Support our new generation of socially conscious filmmakers, artists and writers who bring more good for all of us. This project is worth of your support. I do. It is about our history that has been stolen from us for 50 years.
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22 year old Croatian American filmmaker Brenda Brkusic will be featured on PBS for the Next Generation Filmmakers television program on Sunday December 21, 2003 at 3:30 pm (PST). Brenda will talk about the making of her documentary film, "Freedom from Despair," which was shot in California, Chicago and Croatia last summer. You will also see a preview of the film which includes music composed by Nenad Bach and comments from Michael McAdams, Dr. Jerry Blaskovich, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Southern California residents can see the show on KOCE. Please check the station listing for your neighborhood at the following links:  for cable listings, and  for satellite TV. If you do not have cable or satellite, KOCE's regular over the air channel is 50.

The segment with Brenda will air during the last 10 minutes of the half hour show, and it is estimated that over 3 million people will be watching. Let's raise the numbers and let KOCE know that we support programs like "Freedom from Despair."

"Freedom from Despair"

A young man's journey from despair, a nation's struggle for freedom.

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