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Free tickets for CROWN readers for Croatian Film Festival at Lincoln Center
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/6/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
One more week of Croatian Movies in New York

At the box office mention CROWN, or/and Nenad Bach and you will be given a free ticket. First come first serve up to 20 tickets. Courtesy of Film Society of Lincoln Center

Beyond Boundaries: The Emergence of Croatian Cinema
October 26 - November 14, 2007

Our special Series Pass ($40 for the public, $30 for Film Society members) admits one person to five titles in the series. The pass is only available for purchase (cash only) at the Walter Reade Theater box office.

Admission: $11 general public; $7 members & students; $7 seniors weekday matinee screenings only. Please note: there is a $1.25 service charge per ticket ordered online and cash only transactions at the box office.

For film descriptions click on the pictures. To purchase tickets online click on the
SHOWTIME under Buy Tickets.


Click for details All for Free / Sve dzaba
Antonio Nuic, Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia and Montenegro, 2006; 94m
Grand Golden Arena (best film award), 2006 Pula Film Festival; Pula, Croatia
Buy Tickets
Sat Nov 3: 2
Sat Nov 3: 6:15

Click for details

Ognjen Svilicic, Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Germany, 2007; 82m

Buy Tickets
Sun Oct 28: 3
Sun Oct 28: 7
Mon Oct 29: 3:15

Click for details

The Birch Tree / Breza
Ante Babaja, 1967; 100m

Buy Tickets
Tue Nov 6: 4:15
Tue Nov 6: 8:30

Click for details

Face to Face / Licem u Licem
Branko Bauer, 1963; 100m

Buy Tickets
Sun Nov 11: 3:45
Tue Nov 13: 2:45

Click for details

Fine Dead Girls / Fine mrtve djevojke
Dalibor Matanic, 2002; 77m
Grand Golden Arena, 2002 Pula Film Festival

Buy Tickets
Sat Nov 3: 8:15
Mon Nov 5: 3:30
Mon Nov 5: 9:20

Click for details

Nikola Tanhofer, 1958; 105m

Buy Tickets
Wed Oct 31: 2
Wed Oct 31: 6

Click for details

Here / Tu
Zrinko Ogresta, 2003; 90m
Grand Golden Arena, 2003 Pula Film Festival

Buy Tickets
Sun Nov 4: 4
Mon Nov 5: 1:30
Mon Nov 5: 7:30

Click for details

How the War Started on My Island / Kako je paceo rat na mom otoku
Vinko Bresan, 1996; 97m
Grand Golden Arena, 1996 Pula Film Festival

Buy Tickets
Fri Oct 26: 9:15
Fri Nov 2: 1
Fri Nov 2: 8:15

Click for details

Branko Belan, 1954; 97m

Buy Tickets
Tue Oct 30: 2
Tue Oct 30: 6:30

Click for details
Click for details
Click for details
Click for details

Light Drawings: The Zagreb School of Animation
Various Directors, 1958-78; 112m
The Loner (Samac) Vatroslav Mimica, 1958; 12m
Concerto for a Sub-machine Gun (Koncert za masinsku pusku) Dusan Vukotic, 1958; 14m
The Inspector Is Back! (Inspektor se vratio kuci) Vatroslav Mimica, 1959; 11m
The Piece of Shagreen Leather (Sagrenska koza) Vlado Kristl, 1960; 10m
Don Quixote (Don Kihot) Vlado Kristl, 1961; 11m
The Substitute (Surogat) Dusan Vukotic, 1961; 10m
The Wall (Zid) Ante Zaninovic, 1965; 3m
Curiosity (Znatizelja) Borivoj Dovnikovic-Bordo, 1966, 8m
Revelry (Bearac) Zlatko Bourek, 1966; 9m
Passing Days (Idu Dani) Nedeljko Dragic, 1969, 10m
Satiemania (Satiemanija) Zdenko Gasparovic, 1978, 14m

Buy Tickets
Sat Oct 27: 2
Thu Nov 8: 3:45
Fri Nov 9: 9:15
Wed Nov 14: 2

Click for details

The Melody Haunts My Reverie / Samo jednom se ljubi
Rajko Grlic, 1981; 103m

Buy Tickets
Sat Nov 3: 4
Sun Nov 4: 8

Click for details

The Melon Route / Put lubenica
Branko Schmidt, 2006; 90m

Buy Tickets
Sun Oct 28: 9
Thu Nov 1: 1
Fri Nov 2: 6:15

Click for details

Monday or Tuesday / Ponedeljak ili utorak
Vatroslav Mimica, 1966; 84m

Buy Tickets
Wed Oct 31: 4:10
Wed Oct 31: 8:15

Click for details

Occupation in 26 Pictures / Okupacija u 26 slika
Lordan Zafranovic, 1978; 116m

Buy Tickets
Tue Nov 6: 2
Tue Nov 6: 6:15
Sun Nov 11: 7:30

Click for details

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away / Tko pjeva zlo ne misli
Kresimir Golik, 1970; 96m

Buy Tickets
Fri Nov 9: 1:30
Fri Nov 9: 7:15

Click for details

The Pine Tree in the Mountain / U gori raste zelen bor
Antun Vrdoljak, 1971; 94m

Buy Tickets
Sat Nov 10: 4:50
Wed Nov 14: 4:15

Click for details

Zvonimir Berkovic, 1966; 95m

Buy Tickets
Fri Nov 9: 5:15
Sat Nov 10: 1:15

Click for details

Sky, Satellites or Celestial Body / Nebo, sateliti
Lukas Nola, 2001; 85m

Buy Tickets
Fri Nov 9: 3:30
Sun Nov 11: 5:45

Click for details

Train Without a Timetable / Vlak bez voznog reda
Veljko Bulajic, 1959; 123m

Buy Tickets
Tue Oct 30: 4
Tue Oct 30: 8:30

Click for details

Tressette: A Story of an Island / Treseta
Drazen Zarkovic, 2006; 80m

Buy Tickets
Sat Nov 10: 3:10
Sun Nov 11: 2
Tue Nov 13: 1

Click for details

Two Players from the Bench / Dva igraca s klupe
Dejan Sorak, 2005; 112m

Buy Tickets
Fri Oct 26: 6:30
Sat Oct 27: 6:30
Mon Oct 29: 1

Click for details

A Village Performance of Hamlet / Predstava Hamleta u Mrdusi Donjoj
Krsto Papic, 1973; 98m

Buy Tickets
Sat Oct 27: 4:15
Sun Oct 28: 4:45

Click for details

What Is a Man Without a Moustache? / Sto je muskarac bez brkova?
Hrvoje Hribar, 2005; 109m

Buy Tickets
Mon Nov 5: 5:15
Thu Nov 8: 1:30
Thu Nov 8: 8:30

Click for details

What Iva Recorded on October 21, 2003 / Sto je lva snimila 21. listopada 2003
Tomislav Radic, 2005; 92m
Grand Golden Arena, 2005 Pula Film Festival

Buy Tickets
Sat Oct 27: 9
Sun Nov 4: 2
Sun Nov 4: 6

See the schedule in chronological order. Click here. or view below:

Film Society of Lincoln Center

The Emergence of
Croatian Cinema

The organizer of the series: Richard Peńa, Program Director

Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia New York
Croatian State Archives Croatian Cinematheque

Contact Information
The Film Society of Lincoln Center
70 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023-6595

Walter Reade Theater
Automated schedule line 212 875 5600
Box Office 212 875 5601

Film Society Administrative Offices 212 875 5610
Film Society Membership 212 875 5630
Film Society of Lincoln Center Customer Service 212 875 5367
Film Comment Customer Service 888 313 6085

Additional info at Croatian Consulate tel: 212 599 3066

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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