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The Baška Glagolitic Path on the island of Krk
By Blandina Marković - Randić, | Published  09/22/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
The Croatian primer of historical landscape

Glagolitic letter O in the town of Baška on the island of Krk
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

Glagolitic letter Z in Baška, on one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

Glagolitic letter Z; a closer look; behind is the mountain of Velebit
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

Sinjali Society, Baška
(Glagolitic letter S is in the center of Mrgari)

Baška Glagolitic Path (BGP) -   THE CROATIAN PRIMER OF THE HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE is a vast project, the purpose of which is to erect a monument of permanent value in the Baška valley. This is the place where the Baška Tablet, the first national document in Croatian history, was found. This is the place where the Glagolitic alphabet was in use and the culture was rich for centuries in the past. The monument would lead visitors of the area to historical and cultural interests and landmarks.

The project will form a path marked by stone sculptures, starting from the mountain pass of Treskavac, the entrance to the valley, and eventualy ending at the coast in Baška harbour's  Stara Riva (Old Pier). It will consist of 34 stone statues displaying the individual letters of the Glagolitic alphabet. Three large sculptures will be created by the academic sculptor Ljubo De Karina and the remaining 31 smaller statues will be created in artistic workshops in Baška. Those workshops are to be led and mentored by Mr. De Karina, who is also the artistic supervisor of the whole BGP project.

The project will require roughly 4 to 5 years to complete. In 2006 we saw the creation of the outline schemes, implementation plans and the placement of the first and largest of the sculptures - the letter A, on the Treskavac pass. In 2007 the first workshop was held in April.  Eleven art students sculpted 12 of the smaller sculptures. The second workshop is scheduled for the 6th  to 16th  of October when students from all Croatian arts academies will work alongside with students from academies from Prague and Graz.

Glagolitic letter A in the dawn, projected by Ljubo de Karina;
6m high, 17 tons, made of stone from Kanfanar in Istria;
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

The same monument later at sunrise
above the legendary Croatian mountain of Velebit.
The sun is reflected near the Baška beach. This is one of the most amazing views in Croatia.
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

The project will continue at the same pace in 2008, with plans to place the second of the large sculptures - the letter L by Ljubo de Karina. It will be located close to the monastery of St. Lucija in the town of Jurandvor, the place where the Baška Tablet was found. After that, two more workshops are planned.  One will be in spring and the other in autumn. The original idea and implementation of this project is led by the Sinjali Society of Baška, the society for the promotion of culture, tradition and ecology.


As a part of this project, seminars about the Glagolitic alphabet and culture are organized and a brochure (a kind of cultural guide) is planned for publication. The guide will lead visitors along the path and provide explanations of the locations where they are placed. Opportunities for young people and children to meet the art students and artists involved are planned as well. Visitors will be offered the chance to participate and try the sculpting process. A positive atmosphere of creativity and culture is being spread among local population, young people and visitors to the valley.

The creation of the Baška Glagolitic Path is of utmost importance to the whole of Croatia.  Many cities are participating and donating to the project for the chance to sign the statues.  Because of the importance of the Glagolitic culture and the Baška Tablet for Croatian history and culture, the project is being made possible by the direct contributions from individuals from Croatia and beyond.

Blandina Marković-Randić,

Translated from Croatian by her children
Bruno and Ivan Marković

Glagolitic letter T in Baška
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

Glagolitic letter V in Baška
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

Breath-taking view to the town of Baška and islands...
(photo by Sanjin Ilić)

...and a view to the town from the rocks on the opposite side of the valley.
(photo by Blandina Marković-Randić)

An early morning view to the island of Krk and Prvić, and to the town of Baška,
from the mountain of Velebit (photo by Mladen Žubrinić).

A view from Velebit to the island of Krk and to the mountain of Učka in Istria behind it.
(photo by Darko Berljak, sent by Blandina Marković-Randić)

A view from the mountain of Velebit (photo by Darko Berljak, sent by Blandina Marković-Randić)

The Baška Glagolitic Path project is under patronage of dr. sc. Dragan Primorac, the minister of science, education and sport of the Republic of Croatia.

Location of workshop:
The Post Office park,  town of BAŠKA on the island of KRK

Time of workshop:
October 6 -16, 2007; April and October 2008

Ljubo de Karina, academic sculptor



BRANKA POLONIJO, dipl.oec., president
091/1 856 533,


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