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The Lipik Kursalon 1893-2007
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  08/26/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
The destiny of Lipik between culture and barbarism

The building of Kursalon in Lipik (with Lipizzaners riding in front of it) before 1991,...

...and after the Serbian agression on Croatia in 1991:

Kursalon after the Greater Serbian agression in 1991

All the photos below are from 2007,

unless otherwise stated

The building of Kursalon, awaiting to be reconstructed.


The town of Lipik is known for its very rich Recreation and Health Center, built already in the 19th century. It had

  • baths with thermal mineral water, mineral water supply (300,000 liters per year),
  • theatre,
  • gallery
  • concert and congress hall, dancing hall,
  • exceptionally cultivated park area,
  • olympic swimming pool,
  • cultural object Kursalon of zero category (neo renaissance object built in 1893 according to a project of Gustav Rath, architect from Budapest),
  • hotel (four stars), hospital with hydro therapeutic facilities,
  • a small artificial lake with an island,
  • tennis playgrounds,
  • private villas in secession style, etc.

All of this was either destroyed or seriously damaged during Serbian shelling and bombing (including napalm bombs) in 1991.

The Kursalon was the greatest European Thermal Health Center in Europe after Baden Baden in Germany and Karlove Vary in Czechia.



We invite you to sign a Petition for uncondition return of Croatian Lipizzan Horses from Serbia:

Eighty eight lipizzans have been stolen from the Lipik stable during the Serbian agression on Croatia in 1991.

As many as 27 horses have been killed by the Serbian forces in 1991. A part of them suffocated in the building of the stable during Serbian bombing, and a part of them was killed by Serbian soldiers just for fun.

The Lipik Lipizzan Stable after the Serbian aggression on Croatia in 1991

According to Mr. Mato Čačić, this is one of the greatest known crimes against animals in the History of Mankind (described in his monograph about lipizzan horses in Croatia). The stolen Croatian Lipizzans are now left starving in Serbia, while an empty, renewed stable is waiting for them in the town of Lipik.

"Care" of Serbian Government for stolen Croatian Lipizzans

Croatia is the greatest producer of Lipizzan horses in the world (yes, greater than Austria, or Germany, or Italy). The culture of Lipizzan breeding is deeply rooted in everyday life of many Croatians.

Renewed Lipik Stable is awaiting stolen Croatian lipizzans to be unconditionally returned from Serbia

Photos of horses from

In front of Kursalon

In front of Kursalon - traces of the 1991 barbarian rhapsody

Renewed part of the City Hospital in Lipik, in the vicinity of Kursalon

The City Hospital in Lipik has still visible wounds from Serbian shelling in 1991

Part of the City Hospital in Lipik (I repeat again - these photos are from the summer 2007)

I had a great honour to deliver a public lecture about the history of Croatian Glagolitic Script in this building in 2002, in the presence of Mr Stjepan Horvat, the then Mayor of the town of Lipik, on the occasion of traditional cultural event "To Lipik with Love", organized by Snježana Božić, HLD Spektar, Zagreb.

View to the City Hospital complex

A park in Lipik

Renewed Swimming pool in Lipik (near the Kursalon);
it was almost completely destroyed during the Serbian agression on Croatia in 1991.

Indeed a pleasant place again...

Renewed hotel Lipa on the left, and the Lipik Hospital on the right

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by alfred dudey)

    dear sir,
    in 1992 & 1993 i was part of a group of fireofficers that drove from the uk bringing aid to your wonderful town.i would like to visit again and bring my wife in 2008,i used to stay with i think dr. tica and his family,and also marica topic, could you advise me were to stay and a reasonable cost,i would love to return and bring photos of the devestation,for the young people to see, or if you know how i can contact dr.topic,or dr tica i would be most grateful.
    thank you ALF DUDEY. HOME TELEPHONE 01543 375281
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Steef)

    We stay in 1990 for 3 weeks in the Kursalon of Lipik and Lipovljani/Kutina/Zagreb. We made very nice moves and pictures of Lipik/ train /Kursalon/ Lipizzaners and so on!
    pls contact me
    best regards
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