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"BORDER POST" by Rajko Grlic in New York tonight
By Andrej & Daniela Urem | Published  02/27/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Border Post by Rajko Grlic

The Doors Art Foundation



upcoming film screenings

at the

Two Boots Pioneer Theater

Manhattan, New York 


NY Premiere Thursday, March 1, 2007 @ 7PM

Screenings - March 7-14 @ 9PM 

Border Post



Comedy, Croatia, 2006, 94 min

Director: Rajko Grlic

Production Companies:

Film and Music Entertainment Ltd. (UK), hrvatska Radiotelevizija ( Croatia), Propeler Film (Croatia), Re-fresh Production (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sektor Dooel (Macedonia), Vertigo/Emotionfilm (Slovenia), YODI Movie Craftsman (Serbia and Montenegro), Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion GmbH (Austria)


Toni Gojanovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Emir Hadzihafisbegovic, Verica Nedeska, Bogdan Diklic, Miodrag Fisekovic, Franjo Dijak, Petre Arsovski, Tadej Troha, Zoran Ljutkov, Igor Bencina, Selim Sendzul, Almedin Leleta, Hrvoje Keckes, Halid Beslic


Boris T. Matic, Ademir Kenovic, Vladimir Anastasov, Danijel Hocevar, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Milko Josifov, Zoran Cvijanovic, Franz Novotny


Rajko Grlic, Ante Tomic                                                                                           

Based upon the novel by Ante Tomic "Nothing Can Surprise Us"

Official website;

Croatian (English subtitles)


Two Boots Pioneer Theater

is located at:

155 East 3rd Street (at Avenue A) / NYC / (212) 591-0434

Tickets: $10.00 adults, $6.50 members


Seating is limited so we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance.


The Doors Art Foundation is proud to present monthly screenings featuring a selection of films from the Croatian cinema of the last decade. This unique project is a result of a creative collaboration between The Doors Art Foundation, The Doors Art Udruga, the Croatian film critic Jurica Pavicic and the featured Croatian filmmakers.


Border Post


At a small border-post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border, yet another generation of soldiers suffering the usual amount of boredom awaits the end of their service. It is the spring of 1987 and these are the last days of the country called Yugoslavia. Yet no one knew at the time. Daily routine of the army is disrupted by unusual circumstances. Frustrated and always drunk, lieutenant Safet Pasic feels a strange pain in his groins. He seeks help from the only doctor among the soldiers, Sinisa Sircevic, who finds out, very discretely, that it's a sexually transmitted disease. Not wishing his wife to know about it and trying to find excuses not to go home, Pasic declares a state of emergency, claiming that the Albanian army is preparing an attack against Yugoslavia. A joke transforms into war hysteria: soldiers dig trenches, Pasic grows wilder as days go by, Sinisa embarks on a dangerous liaison, and his best friend Ljuba Paunovic makes an unconditional decision to leave the army. The situation slowly runs out of control...Speaking about not so distant past with no nostalgia and no hatred, Border Post is a comedy about people on the verge of tragedy.



- San Sebastian International Film

Festival 2006  Official Competition

- Raindance Film Festival, UK 2006 -
Official Selection

- Vancouver International Film Festival,
Canada 2006 - "Cinema of Our Time" Section

- Filmfest Hamburg, Germany 2006 -
Eurovisuell Section

- Warshaw International Film Festival
2006  Regional Competition

- Fort Lauderdale International Film
Festival, USA 2006 - Official Selection

- Mediterranean Film Festival of
Montpellier, France 2006 - Official

- Thessaloniki International Film
Festival, Greece 2006 - Balkan Survey

- International Film Festival of the Art
of Cinematography Camerimage, Poland
2006 - Official Selection

- Palm Springs International Film
Festival, USA 2007 - "World Cinema Now"

- Trieste Film Festival, Italy 2007 -
Official Competition






- F or V train to Lower East Side / Second Avenue. Exit toward 1st Avenue. Walk north (away from Houston) to 3rd street, then east just past Avenue A to 155 East 3rd.



- 9 or 21 bus to Houston Street and Avenue A. Walk north to 3rd Street. Turn east and go a few doors down to 155 East 3rd.

- 14A bus to 3rd street and Avenue A.

- The 8 and 15 buses also come relatively close, as do these trains: 6 (Bleecker Street station), B and D (Grand Street), JMZ (Delancey / Essex), and L (1st Ave). 



We look forward to seeing you there.

For more info. please visit or


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